6 Conditions In Which Amazon Applies Extra Delivery Charges On Sellers?

 6 Conditions In Which Amazon Applies Extra Delivery Charges On Sellers?

Amazon is the world’s largest shipping and fulfillment network. Thousands of industries and brands use Amazon services to deliver products to customers worldwide safely. Amazon always prioritizes the customers’ needs. That’s why Amazon is adopting innovative strategies day by day. These strategies include safe and fast delivery networks such as drones, airplanes, cargos, safe arrival of products to the fulfillment centers, FBA labels for easy scanning of product detail, and much more. Amazon is a fast and secure shipping network and affordable for the pioneers.

Amazon shipping and fulfillment centers have a very clear and plain fee schedule. This fee schedule provides single details about the delivery charges of the products. Amazon Fulfillment fee is the money charged to ship the products to the customers’ doorsteps purchased in the Amazon store. The fee structure of products varies depending on the product’s weight, category, dimension, and size. Most sensitive products such as toxic chemicals and exploding products cost a large delivery fee. Sometimes it happens that amazon costs extra charges on customers for delivery. These extra charges are applied when the sellers violate the Amazon shipping and fulfillment requirements. Such violations result in product rejection, or Amazon applies an extra delivery fee on sellers.

Conditions in which extra delivery charges are applied

Amazon shipping and fulfillment centers apply extra delivery charges on sellers in violation of terms and conditions.

Exceeding Shipping weight

Shipping weight is the net weight of products used to calculate the total delivery fee on that product. Most of the product’s delivery fee is based on its net weight. If the sellers violate the terms and conditions of the shipping weight of the products, it will cost an extra fee. Violation of terms and conditions is usually the case with the new businessmen due to lack of awareness. Being new into the business industry, they didn’t understand such restrictions, violating such terms. To avoid such issues, the sellers must-visit determine the Shipping weight of their products before sending them to the Amazon fulfillment centers.

Exceeding dimensional weight

A delivery fee of some products or based on their dimensional weight instead of net weight. Dimensional weight is the volume weight of the package measuring the length and width. If the sellers exceed the terms and conditions of the dimensional weight of the products, then they will have to pay the extra delivery fee.

Products category details

Every product category has its delivery fee. For example, liquid products are one category that costs a specific delivery fee different from solid products. Now toxic chemicals and exploding chemicals came into another category which cost delivery fees different from other liquors. So the sellers must give correct details about the products before sending them to the fulfillment centers. In case of any missing information, the Amazon fulfillment centers will not only discard the delivery but may also cost extra charges on the sellers.

Poor packaging of the products 

For safe and sound delivery of the products, proper packaging is very important. If the products arrive in poor packaging to the warehouse, then the Amazon fulfillment team will have to repack the products. This repackaging of the products will cost the sellers extra shipping and fulfillment fees. To avoid such charges, sellers must deliver properly packed products to the fulfillment centers.

Missing or faulty FBA labels

Amazon FBA labels are mandatory for the safe delivery of the products. FBA labels contain barcodes that have all the details about the content of packages. If the sellers fail to apply FBA labels on the product packages, the warehouse team will open the package to view product details. Manual analysis and processing of products will cause extra Shipping and fulfillment fees on the sellers. The sellers apply correct barcodes to avoid trouble and extra fees on the packages.

Dangerous goods

Delivery of dangerous goods also causes an extra fee to the sellers Because dangerous goods require extra hard work for storing them and then delivering them to the customers. The delivery fee details of such goods are present on the Amazon website. Thus the sellers must look to the fee schedule on the Amazon website before sending any lethal and dangerous products to the fulfillment houses.

Bottom line

Amazon runs the world’s largest online business network and is the most trustworthy shipping and online shopping website. Amazon is not only efficient and safe but also very convenient and affordable. Because it cost a very reasonable amount of delivery and shipping fee on the sellers, each detailed fee schedule about shipping is present on the Amazon website. So the sellers must visit the Amazon website to avoid any inconvenience. The sellers also avoid such violations of terms and conditions before sending their products to warehouses. Because of exceeding these limits, Amazon shipping and fulfillment centers will either reject their products or apply extra charges on the sellers, which might be a huge loss.

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