6 Easy Steps to Plan a Trip to San Juan

 6 Easy Steps to Plan a Trip to San Juan

San Juan

Are you looking for travel tips for San Juan? Unfortunately, you lack time to travel overnight. Have trouble making a ferry or accommodation reservation? This does not preclude you from having fun on a trip to the Islands. Spend the day touring the must-see locations, shopping, and making notes for your next overnight visits.

Even though you’ll only scratch the surface, a day excursion is an excellent way to experience some of what each island has to offer. When you have time to get used to island time, enjoy both a sunset and a sunrise, and take your time at each visit, the Islands are best explored over a few days.

The best way to reach here is by spirit airlines flight. Make sure to confirm your dates and book your tickets in advance to get the best deal and price on tickets.

Plan and research before visiting

Locals urge visitors to recognize and respect the ecosystem’s vulnerability. A few straightforward rules will safeguard the aspects of the Islands that we all cherish while enhancing the enjoyment of both natives and visitors. Make sure to complete this task directly before or after booking Spirit airlines ticket so you can manage everything easily.

Preserve Water

There is water everywhere on an island. However, fresh water is always in short supply. Our water supply is not replenished during the summer due to lesser rainfall from May to October. Conserve where you can, take brief showers, and turn off the water rather than leave it running. Make sure you are packing your water bottle after spirit airlines booking and luggage.

Avoid Midway Crowd

There is extremely little parking at several of the most popular parks. Visit them early or late in the day when they might not be as crowded to avoid disappointment.

Stay safe from unwanted fire

Camping is one of the most enjoyable activities when you reach here with a Spirit Airlines Reservations . As a gentle reminder, ensure your campfire is fully out before leaving it unattended. That fire could be dangerous for others and even for animals.

Visit El Morro

Before American troops flooded the city in 1898, El Morro, the city’s crown gem, had kept the Spanish flag flying over San Juan for nearly 400 years. This historical site is one of the best experiences for you, where you can take your kids to educate them about its history.

Hop around Old San Juan

This 16th-century location, which towers majestically over the Old San Juan peninsula’s northwest tip, was designated a national monument in 1961. El Morro rises 140 feet above the Atlantic Ocean and is covered in a great network of tunnels, dungeons, vaults, barracks, turrets, and lookouts. This beautiful city has a different kind of magnet which attracts people from various parts of the globe.

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