6 Exterior Upgrades to Revamp Your Home and Boost its Value

 6 Exterior Upgrades to Revamp Your Home and Boost its Value

Revamping the exterior of your home can help to boost its value. There are many different exterior upgrades that you can do. To start with these upgrades, you will want to take the time to plan what you want to do and assess your budget. You do not have to do all the upgrades at one time. Take your time and do the ones that would most benefit your home.

1. Siding Upgrades

One of the best ways to revamp your home is to work on the siding exterior. Sometimes, it can be as simple as just giving the siding a good pressure washing. If you do not have a pressure washer, some companies will come out and do that for you. If you have issues with your siding, like holes, or warped pieces, it is best to get a siding company to come to upgrade it. Make sure that you choose a siding that looks great with your home.

2. Roofing Upgrades

A great way to revamp your home and protect it from the elements is to get a new roof. A new roof can cause your home to stand out among the rest of the homes in your neighborhood. There are several different roofing materials that you can choose from. This will all depend on your personal preferences and your budget. If you are in the area and have decided on getting a new roof, you can look up Austin roofing contractors to assist you. If you decide to sell your home in the future, potential buyers will love the fact that the roof has been replaced.

3. Upgrading the Windows

Windows are an integral part of the home. They keep the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Once windows start aging, they can cause utility bills to increase as the HVAC system has to work harder to reach optimal temperature. Aging windows also tend to look bad. There might be chips in the paint, warped areas, or even panes of broken glass. Updating your windows will not only cause your home to look great, but it will also help to make your home more efficient. Find a local window installer to help you get new windows.

If you already have newer windows that are in decent shape, consider giving them a fresh coat of paint. You can also add window boxes to the outside of the windows. Plant flowers or plants in these boxes to create a great look. The better your windows look, the more curb appeals your home will have.

4. Door Upgrades

Old doors can make a home look bad. If your door has chipped paint, cracks, or even holes, it is time for an upgrade. You can upgrade to a completely new door, or you can simply paint the existing door. You will need to take your time to fix the door though if there are any cracks. Make sure that it is sanded down properly. If you choose to paint, pick a color that compliments your home. Some people choose to do their door in an accent color. This can increase the curb appeal of your home greatly. While you are doing door upgrades, remember to enhance the locks as this is a feature many people look for.

5. Decking

If you do not have a deck added to your home, this upgrade should be done. It does not have to be a huge deck, but adding a deck can increase the value of the home. It can also give you valuable entertainment space. Do not try to do the deck yourself. You will want to hire a reputable decking company that can help you to figure out what size deck you need, what you want the deck made out of, and whether or not you want it covered.

6. Outdoor Lighting

Another upgrade that you can do to your home to add value is to add outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting not only looks great, but it also adds security. There are many different styles of lights that you can get. Consider adding a light next to your door. There are different designs, and you will need to find one that you like. You can also choose whether these lights run on solar or your electrical system. If you have a deck, consider adding string lights for a better look.

Doing these upgrades will help to increase the overall value of your home. It will also help you to have the home that you have always wanted.

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