6 Fun Things to do in Oranjestad

 6 Fun Things to do in Oranjestad


The island’s southern shore is home to Aruba’s stunning capital city. The town was founded by the Dutch and featured brilliant colors. It provides guests with a wide range of enjoyable things to partake in against a beautiful environment. If you’re one of those people looking for entertaining things to do on your next visit here, check out our list after Spirit Airlines booking.

Eagle Beach

There are so many beaches that you’ll be perplexed trying to decide which is superior to the others. All other beaches have a space that is unique to Eagle Beach. It is undoubtedly the most well-liked beach among tourists and residents. This is another reason why so many hotels and shops are nearby, making it easier for travelers to access. There are several activities to try after Spirit airlines ticket booking and places to visit on the beach for every visitor.

The Bon Bini Festival

You will enjoy dance, music and much more. The Bon Bini Festival features friendly hosts and a distinctive cultural program. Dancers here spin to the beat of thudding drums while wearing traditional attire. Other vendors sell a wide range of regional goods, including food, alcoholic beverages, and crafts. Overall, this is a fun place to learn about the culture. It’s a terrific way to experience Aruban culture and traditions all in one evening.

Charters for Driftwood Fishing

One of the most well-liked water activities in Aruba is this. Deep-sea fishing is being done. Check out one of the trips that Driftwood Fishing Charters offers for those that want to try the sport. Sharks, barracuda, tuna, and sailfish are among the potential catches. All of the tools and bait are provided by Driftwood. If you choose an afternoon charter, go to the Driftwood Restaurant afterward for some of Oranjestad’s most deliciously fresh seafood.

Explore Donkey Sanctuary

Donkey Sanctuary is just as intriguing as its name suggests. It is situated near Santa Cruz, on the outskirts of Oranjestad. The journey to the Aruban Donkey Sanctuary is unquestionably worthwhile. The sanctuary is operated by a nonprofit group committed to protecting the donkey population on the island. The fact that it served as the primary mode of transportation is the most intriguing. You can either bring your supply of carrots and apples or purchase a feed cup at the sanctuary.

Informative visit to National Archeological Museum 

It is located in the former Ecury family home, the National Archeological Museum. The museum’s collections contain indigenous relics that date as far back as 2500 BC and have been meticulously maintained. It allows tourists to get a taste of life on the island before the arrival of European settlers a few hundred years ago. The big cistern the Ecurie family used to keep rainwater harvested from their home’s roof and an exhibition of current island artists who incorporate historical themes into their works are also on display in the museum.

Shopping and hopping at the Renaissance Mall

It’s time to go shopping in this city’s best location. There are enough stores, activities, and restaurants for the whole day. Visit the Renaissance Mall, located in the city’s heart. Everything, including luggage, accessories, technology, cosmetics, apparel, and jewelry, may be found here. Keep Spirit Airlines Reservations  policies for luggage in mind while shopping as you are adding some extra baggage.

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