6 Key Features to Consider When Shopping for a Hot Tub

 6 Key Features to Consider When Shopping for a Hot Tub

Having a hot tub at home gives you a great place to relax. Whether you have an injury that causes some pain or you just feel a lot of stress, you’ll find that you can hop in at the end of the day and unwind in the lap of luxury.Shopping for hot tub cost less to maintain than you might think and are available in a range of prices to fit any budget. Before you spend money on one though, make sure you consider the six key features to buy the right hot tub.

1. Material

Nearly 12% of homes with people between the ages of 50 and 64 have hot tubs. The number of homes with residents of a younger age who own hot tubs is even higher. Many of those owners bought hot tubs based on the material that they wanted. You can opt for an acrylic shell tub that goes through a molding process or one that uses a vinyl or plastic shell.

2. Insulation

If you live in a cooler climate, consider hot tubs that have insulation. You don’t need to live in the Midwest and have plans to relax in yours in the middle of winter to benefit from this feature. Insulation comes in handy anytime the temperature drops. Not only does Shopping for hot tub help you stay warm, but it keeps the water in your tub warmer, too. This cuts down on the amount of power you need to run it and ensures that Shopping for hot tub always ready to run.

3. Design

No matter where you plan to install your new hot tub, you need to pick a design that works in your space. Do you have a deck made from stained wood and want a hot tub that matches? Pick one out that has a natural wood cabinet with a matching stain color. Hot tubs with exterior cabinets work in the middle of your yard or on a patio, too. You might prefer a hot tub with a synthetic cabinet as well. This type of material is usually resistant to most weather conditions. Hot tubs also come with cabinets that have doors you can easily open to reach the blower and other parts.

4. Lighting

As you compare all of the top hot tubs and look for ones that fit your budget, don’t forget to consider the lighting they use. Many tubs now come with built-in lights that keep your safety in mind. Though the lights are inside the tub, they stick out above the surface of the water. Though hot tubs today use LED lights, you might want one that has more lights or one that allows you to change the color of the lights.

5. Controls

Looking at the controls will help you pick a hot tub you can easily operate. Whether you pick a Softub hot tub or one from another brand, you need to choose between a traditional control panel and a remote app. With a traditional control panel, all the controls you need are in one convenient place on the tub. You can adjust the temperature and turn on the lights before you hop inside. A remote app gives you access to all of the controls through your phone.

6. Optional Features

While most hot tubs come with similar features, there are also some optional features you might consider such as an entertainment system. Built-in speakers help you listen to music as you relax. They often connect via Bluetooth to work with your phone or a media player inside. A hot tub with a video monitor or screen lets you catch up on all of your favorite shows at the same time that you unwind in the warm water. Some hot tubs also come with a cooling system. If you want to relax on a hot day, you can adjust the water temperature and enjoy the feeling of cool water as you soak. You can also look at the jets in the hot tub to make sure they target all of the areas you want to target.

Buy a New Hot Tub

Choosing a new hot tub is easier than you might think. Just make sure you consider the six key features to pick the best one for you. Those features include how you can control the hot tub and the design of its cabinet.

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