6 Nifty Hacks To Protect Flooring From Scratches

 6 Nifty Hacks To Protect Flooring From Scratches

6 Nifty Hacks To Protect Flooring From Scratches

Wood floors bring beauty and worth to your homes. But they only look beautiful if well cared for. As to maintain the health and outlook of delicate wooden floors. So, prevention is the key. You need to find alternative hacks to protect your floor from all the dents and damages.

So, engineered wood and hardwood flooring are always at risk. As they can get damaged by water, wear or tears, and other stubborn scratches. Thus, you really need to save your floor from all such culprits.  Here in this article, you’ll get to know some serious business cures to treat dents on your wooden floor. Let’s have a look at them below.

In This Article?

  1. Layer Your Wooden Floor With An Area Rug
  2. Shoes Off Policy Inside Home
  3. Install Felt Pads Under Furniture Legs
  4. Use A Durable Plastic Mat
  5. Use A Proper Wood Flooring Vacuum
  6. Conclusion

Layer Your Wooden Floor With An Area Rug:

Layer your wooden floor with an area rug. Use it around the high traffic zones of the home. And under the big furniture items too. So, make sure to put on rugs in your living room, dining room, bedroom, and hallways. You can also add rugs in kitchens too. Thus, by adding rugs wooden floors can be protected fairly. However, area rugs can be very budget-stressing for people. And it also adds an additional workload of rug cleaning too. 

Moreover, this can keep your wooden floor up to date. Make sure to layer your rug on a clean floor. There must not be any debris or pebbles under it. As they can be the reason for stubborn stains and scratches. Lastly, prefer smooth base rugs. As they can also cause scratches. You can use rug pads among rugs and hardwood.

Shoes Off Policy Inside Home:

The shoes off tactic are great and it works impressively. Like you can put on a sign to not use shoes inside the home. This doesn’t even feel rude too. Moreover, these shoes can also bring a lot of dirt, germs, and mud with them. And this eventually causes scratches on the wooden floor. 

Thus, even if you have any engineered wood flooring avoid wearing heels or shoes over them. As they are very much vulnerable to dents and dings from pointy heels. So, this hack will keep your home floor gorgeous and durable.

Install Felt Pads Under Furniture Legs:

You must install felt pads under the legs of furniture and bottoms of gadgets around the home. This is such an affordable and easy to install trick. Thus, these small tips can save you a big worth of money. Like you don’t have to spend later on remodeling and replacement of scratched hardwood flooring.

 Moreover, you can easily buy these felt pads from the nearest hardware store. As these will help in the smooth and scratch-free movement of furniture items and gadgets. Thus, your floor is free from any harsh movement over it. 

Make sure to replace any damaged or loose felt pads quickly. Use A Durable Plastic Mat:

If you add any plastic mat or vinyl mats over a high traffic place, wooden floors. Such as offices to protect the floor from scratches of shoes and chair rollings. This will also help in smooth chair rolling unlike in carpets. 

Moreover, make sure to have clean chair wheels. To avoid any hindrance and scratch over the floor. They are so easy to care for and maintain too. As carpet or rugs demand a lot of care. However, if you’re not a fan of vinyl mats. You can use thin or shooter pile carpets/rugs.

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Use A Proper Wood Flooring Vacuum:

You have to study well before buying a vacuum. Like if you have wooden floors at home. Then you must buy a vacuum which is wooden floor friendly. Usually, vacuums are designed for carpets. And it can scratch or damage your wooden floor.

 Make sure to regularly clean the floor with vacuums. As if the dust stays for long where it can cause scratches or dents. Thus, vacuum your floor regularly to avoid scratch hazards.


Life is so busy in current times. And no one gets the time to protect their wooden floors. Thus, making this the furthest thing in your mind. But it is really important to take proper care and precautions to protect the wooden floor. So, the wooden floor is known to be very sensitive. As they can get damaged easily by any harsh activity over them. Therefore, you need to avoid them.

 You must follow the precautions mentioned above to keep your wooden floors sturdy and attractive. So, avoid walking with shoes on the floors. Make sure to use Felt Pads, wood flooring vacuum, and vinyl mats to keep the wooden floor scratch-free.

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