6 Product Information Management Trends

 6 Product Information Management Trends


Preparing documents that display product information is a time-taking job. Businesses spend about half of their time creating documents, files, and content to enhance customer experience, sales, and revenue. Since information is the lifeblood of every organization, the need for an efficient PIM system is ever more intensive to deal with critical product data. It empowers companies to boost team efficiency, improve data quality, and drive sales.

In the eCommerce world, the volume of data increases rapidly making organizations frequently add, edit, and delete information. Manual data handling includes a substantial amount of time and effort and the risk of inaccuracies and inconsistencies. Doing it with Amaze PIM software, on the other hand,will ensure that the correct data about each of your products is available and accessible whenever and wherever needed during the buying journey from the search to the delivery. In this blog piece, we will be discussing six product information management practices.

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  1. Brand awareness and reputation

For a notable online presence and reputation, brands need to build customer confidence in their products. Today, you need to engage shoppers across multiple eCommerce markeplaces and distribution channels. Your PIM must enable the end-users to view the and make the right update to the right content at the right time. Currently, nothing does it better than the Amaze product information management. This AI-enabled software allows organizations to upload promotional brand videos, product images, and rich content, all at the same time. Amaze PXM is a comprehensive software product which converges digital technologies such as content creation, merchandising design, product attribution design, digital asset management, syndication and advanced intelligence into one product experience platform.

  1. Product data standardization

Roughly, Google organic search drives 40-45% of eCommerce traffic today. Studies suggest that the single product data standard creation is crucial for all businesses to keep up with the current market trends. Consider the growing trends in the transition to voice search, passion for quick purchase, and sales through video content. Businesses need their product information to adapt to these behavioral changes to keep buyers engaged and entertained. You can easily manage this all for multiple channels with an efficient PIM system as Amaze.

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  1. Data consolidation

A central repository is essential for businesses to store, update, and share product information across sales and marketing channels at once. With that becoming integral to smooth eCommerce operations, companies need a reliable PIM. The Amaze PIM software is the ultimate solution for this to happen, as it earns you a centralized digital shelf to let you work complex and bulk product data. It will allow you to use multiple attributes for one product. With PIM in place, information management will be many times faster and easier.

  1. Content creation process optimization

Companies use up to five services and programs to cover all content management tasks from consolidation to export through distribution channels. It takes a great deal of time and effort. PIM software here will facilitate your product information management process, reduce the time for routine tasks, and let you focus on other constructive tasks. As anticipated by studies, around 50% of companies will be using PIM in their eCommerce activities.

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  1. Distribution of roles

On average, companies attract up to five specialists in various fields of content marketing to work on data aggregation. A reliable PIM system as offered by AmazePXM will help organizations to optimize work processes, increase team productivity, and share responsibilities.

  1. Planning and automation

Companies with better marketing plans and eCommerce strategies grow faster than those having no plan. Automation of product information management workflow plays a vital role in the success of businesses. The latest PIM system allows you to automate the entire information management process, bringing ease to your business operations and enabling you to make better plans.

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