6 Simple Steps to Prevent Mold in Carpet from Water Damage

 6 Simple Steps to Prevent Mold in Carpet from Water Damage

Excessive flooding can lead to mould growth on your home flooring. Most of the homeowners in Australia experience this either from broken pipes or from flooding. 

Water damage carpet is very difficult to clean professionally. However, today, we are going to tell you about the 6 steps techniques to prevent carpet mould growth.

Please note the following things before applying this technique-

  • The sooner you start, the sooner you can stop mould from growing.
  • It would be best if you had equipment like fans, blower, bleach and cleaners.
  • You need protective clothing because mould is injurious to your health. 

Now let’s begin the 6 steps process to prevent mold in carpet from water damage. Please read these carefully.

Step 1: Use Vacuum to Remove Water 

Do you have a vacuum cleaner? Now, this is the time to use it in the best possible way. It is the most effective tool and can be rented or provided by flood damage restoration companies. If you have it; great! 

 Step 2: Fans to Speed Up the Process

A fan is another effective tool to speed up the process and also circulate fresh air. You can contact a company that deals with water damage restoration Sydney. Please do not hesitate to contact us for carpet cleaning service in Australia.  

It can take several days to dry the area properly; please keep the high-power drying fans going at least for a couple of days. 

Step 3: Use of Dehumidifier

It helps to reduce excessive moisture in the flooded area. It also makes the air feel cooler and prevents mold in the carpet from water damage. It is another piece of equipment that speeds up the process of drying. If you do not have this equipment, you may call us to get professional advice and service at your doorstep. 

Step 4: Steam Cleaning

After all these steps, the steam cleaning is very important to begin the sanitization process. Please ensure that the water damage carpet pads have no moisture left. Otherwise, you have to dry it properly or replace it with new pads. This checking is essential to prevent mould growth.  

Step 5: Sanitize All the Surface

You should sanitize all the surfaces and clean all the walls and furniture with soap and freshwater. 

For household purposes, you can use 1.5 cups of chlorine bleach and mix it with 1 gallon of water. Please use protective gear and gloves during the clean-up process.  

Step 6: Inspection

Water can damage the rugs, carpets underneath the household belongings. Please make sure you have cleaned all the cracks, pipelines and surfaces properly to prevent any further damage. This is the last step of cleaning a water damage carpet. Sydney is a flood-prone area, so you need to be prepared against it. 

However, now you can hire our professionals. We take your headache away and clean the flooded area with the latest equipment.

Call Our Experts

Cleaning a carpet is very simple. You are one phone call away to get water damage carpet cleaning Sydney experts. Our trained and certified members understand the texture, quality of the carpets and apply different techniques to clean them to prevent mould growth.  Please do not hesitate to call us if you need a carpet cleaning service in Sydney.


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