6 Ways You Can Support Women’s Rights Today

 6 Ways You Can Support Women’s Rights Today

Women’s rights are currently under attack more than ever before. With the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade, abortion rights are no longer absolute. Furthermore, steps are being made to roll back other important women’s rights in states across the country. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to take action and prevent the further erosion of women’s rights. Here are six ways you can spread awareness and join the movement today.

1. Volunteer With Local Organizations

One of the best ways you can support women’s rights locally is through volunteer work. Look into your community and discover what opportunities are available to you. For example, women’s shelters always need extra support from volunteers in various ways. You can help by answering the phone, taking care of children, or fundraising. By volunteering your time and helping women in your community, you’ll make a positive difference in women’s lives and play an active role in supporting their rights.

2. Attend Protests And Marches

Attending protests and marches helps raise awareness of women’s rights issues that should be addressed. While it may take years to see the positive results from protests, they can help spread awareness of these important issues nationally and internationally. Politicians are more inclined to create laws and take action when they see an increase in public support for specific causes. If you are passionate about supporting women’s rights, see if there are any upcoming protests and marches you can get involved in. Remember to carry a bold, eye-catching sign that draws attention to the issues you are supporting and keep it peaceful to avoid confrontation with local authorities.

3. Participate Through Phone Banking And Knocking On Doors

Many people are not as well-informed as they should be. This fact leads to low voter turnout and the passage of laws that negatively impact women across the nation. Check out your local women’s rights organizations and volunteer by calling citizens and knocking on doors to inform them about these issues. Raising awareness locally can help boost voter turnout and ensure women’s rights remain intact. Most organizations train their volunteers, so you won’t have to worry about saying or doing the right thing when talking to voters.

4. Support Businesses Owned By Women

Female business ownership is on the rise. Data from 2021 shows that approximately 1.2 million companies are owned and operated by women. While this is a step in the right direction for women’s rights, it’s important to ensure that these businesses stay in operation. You can support women’s rights by shopping at establishments owned by women and using their services. Spread the word about these businesses and encourage your friends and family to shop there too. By spending your money wisely, you’ll help keep more women-owned businesses operational and support the women who live in your community.

5. Raise Awareness Through Your Apparel

A simple way to support women’s rights without volunteering is by spreading awareness of specific issues through what you wear. T-shirt advocacy has increased in popularity, especially in light of recent movements. Your apparel can be a powerful way to start meaningful conversations with friends and even strangers. If you’re interested in finding out how to support the reproductive justice movement, there are many great clothing options online that feature powerful pro-choice slogans. Spread the word and raise awareness by shopping for fashionable and meaningful apparel you’ll be proud to wear.

6. Join Challenge Events

Are you athletic and enjoy challenging yourself physically and mentally? If so, you may want to consider joining challenge events to help support women’s rights. Sign up for a marathon, triathlon, or a 5k and raise money for your specific cause. By joining a challenge event to support women’s rights, you will enjoy the chance to meet other like-minded people. Challenge events can also open the doors to other opportunities and will motivate you to continue your support for the causes you are passionate about.

Closing Remarks

Although things may look bleak for women’s rights today, there is great strength in numbers. By focusing your efforts and raising awareness of these important issues, you’ll help to create change and keep women’s rights intact for generations to come.

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