7 Crucial Steps to Choosing the Best CBSE School Near You

 7 Crucial Steps to Choosing the Best CBSE School Near You

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One of the most important decisions a parent will have to make is choosing the right CBSE school for their kids. Taking into account several factors is important for parents who are considering a choice that will impact their child’s future. Choosing the best CBSE school for your child means considering all the important factors, including the school’s curriculum, key transition points,  and facilities.

If your search for the “best CBSE schools near me” has started, you have landed on the right page.

Here are some helpful tips to assist you in choosing the right one for your child –

Check the school’s reputation

It goes without saying, the reputation of a school plays a significant role while making the decision of choosing the right school for your child. It is determined whether a school will rank among the top 10 best international schools in Pune or across the country based on its academic record and its awards for excellence. Check which all coveted recognitions the school has been able to earn.  

One of the most prestigious is the Times school survey where GIIS topped the results in the year 2020. 

Look for Early Childhood Program at the school

Early childhood education is incredibly powerful, and its many benefits range from improved social skills to boosted levels of confidence, increased coordination to enhanced creativity. This exposure will serve them well as they progress through the grades and consider branching towards a more lateral course or applying to a foreign university.  A good CBSE school must have an early years program where teachers work in tandem with each other ensuring that children have an environment that is both supportive and nurturing.

Go by school’s value added programs

Students benefit from value-added programmes that encourage practical, strategic, and logical mindsets. Students are equipped with the necessary skills to raise their employability quotient and succeed in life through these programs. At GIIS, students are exposed to various value-added programmes that empower and help them foster their knowledge. 

Look for a school that follows interdisciplinary approach

The synthesis of ideas and characteristics from different disciplines is made possible through an interdisciplinary approach of learning. At the same time, it addresses students’ individual differences and helps to develop important, transferable skills. Look for a school that values interdisciplinary learning for fostering child’s overall development.

Does school have extra-curricular activities as an integral part of its curriculum

It is essential that your child’s CBSE school provides opportunities to develop his or her intellectual, physical, and social skills. It should provide a variety of co-curricular activities in the best international schools in Pune, such as outdoor and indoor sports, arts and crafts, and hobby classes. As they promote self-confidence, and leadership abilities, these activities should be an integral part of a student’s education.

Teaching methodologies and style

Teaching methodologies are an important component of both teaching and learning. Check if the school incorporates innovative technologies and methods like smart learning, class discussions etc. while imparting education. A major component of the academic infrastructure at the GIIS  is the use of smart classrooms to provide a superior learning experience.

Ascertain that the school is prepared to handle major transitions 

Transition can be challenging for some children, but it will be particularly difficult this year post-Covid. Make sure that the school is prepared to facilitate successful key transitions such as moving from grade 8 to grade 9, where serious pressure sets in by preparing them beforehand and making them future ready. 

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