7 Effective Tips To Prevent Gun Rust

Rust will eat away metals of your precious firearms and cause discoloration.This mixture of oxygen and moisture produces oxidation which causes rust on firearms. But, if moisture is the nuisance that spawns rust, then the lack of moisture creates problematic cracks in wood stocks and grips. This will give you one heck of a headache.

But don’t be worried. This article is all about providing you some effective solutions of how to prevent your gun from getting rusted. Reloading data will help you with more detailed information regarding firearm ammunitions.

1. Right Case

The case you are about to use is the most crucial defender against the harsh oxidation that occurs from accelerants in the environment. Storing your gun in the appropriate firearm case is absolutely clutch to sealing out those compounds ( right rifle case for all the hunters and sports shooters out there) Pelican makes some of the very best waterweight gun cases to prevent your guns from getting rusted.

2. Right Humidity Level

Store your gun in a dry place and out of sunlight. Sunlight can make the metal of your gun react with the chemicals, and it will ultimately cause it to corrode. It’d be wise if you keep your stored guns in a cool place away from sunlight. Choose a gun safe which is air-tight and equipped with dehumidifying features. It is an important aspect to cover when you are thinking about storing your gun properly.

3. Pay Attention To Cleaning

Make sure you have dried up your gun completely before storing it if you are going on a long hunting trip or any activity where it will be exposed. Make sure to dry it up before you put it away for storage even if you think there are no visible dirts. Dry and wipe it clean every part of the gun, especially the trigger and firing mechanism. Keep your gun pointed upwards so any warm air that is moist can escape from the barrel and reduce the possibility of risting.

4. Pre-Storage Amenities

Consider placing a desiccant inside the case of the gun to keep moisture at bay and to prevent rust during storage.Gun storage bags and special gun socks can add another layer of protection for guns in long-term gun storage.Gun socks with silicone coating can add rust-protection and help maintain the presence of oils on your gun. These socks typically are form-fitting and come in various sizes suitable for pistol, revolver, rifle, etc. They also help prevent scratches.

5. Protect your firearm from the elements

Ideally, it’s best if you can avoid exposure of your firearm to elements like rain, snow and other outdoor moisture, it’s important that if you plan on selling firearms to keep them secure in commercial safes. It can tarnish quickly if you don’t. But target practice and hunting isn’t only for sunny days. If you can keep your gun covered and dry, this is best. If it does get wet, it should be cleaned and dried thoroughly as soon as possible. Keep in mind that if you’re using it in wet or humid conditions, there may be internal moisture that you aren’t seeing. After you’ve cleaned your piece, consider storing it with a VCI tube and barrel strip to protect those inner components.

6. Do Not Store Ammo With Guns

It’s a bad idea to store ammo with guns. Some types of ammos are corrosive, it causes more damage and quick rusting. Corrosive ammos contains Potassium Chlorate primers which can break down into a salt . The salt will eat the metal away, especially in the presence of moisture.

7. Use a high-quality gun lubricant

Cleaning your gun is essential, but so too is a light application of a high-quality rust inhibiting oil spray. It protects the metal elements of your firearm and won’t damage the wood or other components.

The bottom line is, it is very important to store your gun in the proper way. If it’s not done right, the results won’t please you. Have a good day.

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