7 Effective Ways to Remove Dust in Your House

 7 Effective Ways to Remove Dust in Your House

Dust is a light airborne micro particle that can spread quickly in our house. The interesting thing is you cannot find a dust-free home anywhere in the world. We can try to reduce the risk of dust by various means, but we cannot avoid it. Over time carpets, upholsteries, couches and sofas receive dirt, dead skin cells, pet dander, and bacteria which deteriorate the quality of your furniture. As a professional couch cleaning service provider, we understand that it is tough to remove dust and germs; that is why in this article, we are providing you with tips to reduce the risk of dust issues. Click here tab city

Why is My House So Dusty?  

Do you know that some of these dust particles are more harmful than others? Sometimes protein-based particles lead to minor diseases such as irritation and allergic conditions. Some other harmful dust particles trigger asthma. That is why couch cleaning Canberra experts suggest cleaning your lounge weekly to avoid these issues. Some of the fungal spores are-  

  • Pollen  
  • Tiny Particles  
  • Pathogens  
  • Recycle Dust  
  • Pet Dander and Hair  
  • Human Skin Cells  

We understand that many homemakers in Australia do not know the difference between different types of dust. That is why they neglect the cleaning tasks in their busy schedule. If you are busy on weekdays, you can do this on weekends or hire an expert to clean fabric or leather furniture. It helps you to keep your house fresh and clean.

How to Remove Dust

It is impossible to remove dust from your premises, but you can try to reduce it by following these guidelines. You can try DIY solutions and simple vacuuming to clean floors, walls and furniture, but if it does not work, you should consult with a couch cleaning service provider.

While cleaning your lounge, please keep the following things in mind-

Top to Bottom Cleaning  

Do you know that you can find maximum dust on the ceiling and walls? That is why we suggest a top to bottom approach for cleaning. It helps you to accumulate dust from the ceiling and walls; after that, vacuum the floor to remove the dust. Please do not forget to clean the backside and bottom of the furniture.

Take Special Care of Furniture

Leather or fabric furniture enhances the beauty of your room. You have to take special care of these things. Sofas, carpets, rugs, mats, and couches receive maximum micro particles in high traffic areas. Only vacuuming is not enough. You have to check the condition of this furniture and apply DIY remedies as needed. 

Do not clean the area with a regular vacuum cleaner. You should use HEPA filters in the vacuum cleaner because it captures micro particles better than regular upholstery brushes or cleaners.   

Clean Filters and Vents   

Do you know that vents and filters play a vital role in spreading pollutants in your room? Some appliances such as air filtration and ventilation purify the indoor air, but if you do not clean the vent, they distribute the pollutant all-around your house. Please do not neglect it because these spores may lead to allergies and skin irritations. 

If you cannot clean it yourself, you should take the help of professional couch cleaning experts. They have years of experience and use appropriate equipment for cleaning.  

Clean Fabrics and Covers

Humans shed approximately 35,000 skin cells per day. If you do not clean fabrics and covers, the dust particles may be trapped in them and cause a foul smell and mould growth. That is why couch cleaning Canberra experts recommend cleaning the removable covers using a washing machine and dry cleaning fabric items from the comfort of your home. 

While preparing the DIY solution, please check the care code of the furniture because it indicates suitable methods of cleaning. Some of the popular care codes are S, W, SW, X and O. You should use water-based solutions for W and WS care codes and solvent-based solutions for S and WS care code items. However, O means you have to use organic ingredients, while X means only vacuum cleaning. Experts also follow this before preparing their eco-friendly chemical compounds.  

How to Reduce Indoor Dust?  

It is natural that dust particles find their way into your home. You cannot prevent it. However, a little effort can reduce indoor dust and make the premises fresh and clean. A little change in habit can make things easier for you-

  • Make a habit of keeping shoes out of your house. Request all the members and guests to follow it. 
  • You can use doormats instead of carpets in high foot traffic areas. 
  • Do not forget to deep clean the furniture and carpets at least twice a year.

Call Sofa Cleaning Service in Canberra

These micro particles, dust and germs lead to various diseases. It is scientifically proven that a damp surface reduces productivity and causes anxiety, depression and stress. That is why you have to build a habit of regular vacuuming. After that, if you face any specific problem, you can apply a DIY solution. 

In severe cases, you should consult with a professional. If you want to get the best couch cleaning service in Canberra, please feel free to call us. We are open 24/7 and offer a same day service on an urgent basis. Do you want to know more about our services? Please call us directly and let us know about your requirements. 



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