7 Eye-Catching Custom WordPress Website Design Ideas

 7 Eye-Catching Custom WordPress Website Design Ideas

It’s estimated that 35 percent of the entire internet uses WordPress as a content management system (CMS). Sure, some of those websites are no longer updated, but that’s still a hefty slice of the worldwide web pie.

WordPress is a great CMS, so it’s no wonder that the platform is popular. 

But it’s difficult to stand out if you use generic WordPress web design and off-the-shelf themes. If you opt for a custom WordPress website design, your site will look both professional and unique. It is far more likely to stand out to potential customers and clients and make a memorable, positive impression.

Whether you are updating your web design or starting from scratch, here are some great WordPress design ideas to wow your users.

1. Full Page (Above the Fold) Photography

This is one of the most-used and popular custom WordPress website design ideas but only because it’s so effective.

Choose a large, captivating image that fills the screen of your homepage when a user visits your site. The top part of a webpage that users see first is the “above the fold” part of the page, so this is where the image needs to be.

As long as it is a high-definition photo and relevant to your brand, it will likely look professional and striking.

For example, if you run a travel website, you could upload a beautiful landscape photo of a faraway destination at golden hour. Or, if you run an online jewelry site, choose a stunning headshot of a model wearing statement earrings.

Why is this a custom WordPress layout design idea and not something you can often find in a standard theme? Because your logo, menu, and other icons will need to display on top of this hero image. Few affordable themes offer this high level of functionality and design.

2. Stand-Out Mailing List Sign Up Forms

Plugins are a fantastic way to increase the quality of your WordPress website design. If you are using an off-the-shelf theme, you can make your site look more original by using them.

There are hundreds of thousands of WordPress plugins, each with its own design and function. But one of the best, eye-catching plugins to invest in is a mailing list sign-up form.

Choose one that is compatible with your mailing list provider and offers lots of customization options e.g. fonts and colors. You want the Plugin to resemble your own brand identity and blend into the rest of your website as much as possible.

If you want to learn about the best marketing and newsletter plugins, read more here.

3. Clean and Clutter-Free White Space

When redesigning a website, it is tempting to fill every spare pixel with images, widgets, words, and extra functionality. You might think the more there is for your users to look at, the more appealing it is.

Often, the exact opposite is true.

Minimalist, pared-back WordPress custom design is likely to be more attractive to your users. Leave lots of white space so that they know which parts of your website are important and are not overwhelmed by choice. Consider using only black and white graphics and photography to avoid overstimulation.

You could also use a small, hamburger-style menu in the top left corner of your site instead of a listed, top menu.

4. Magazine Grid Layouts and Clear Text

Do you run a blog or a news website that you update almost every day? Then a magazine-style grid layout for your homepage could be very eye-catching as well as functional.

Use photos with the titles of your articles as overlays in a grid format so that it is neat and so your users have lots of choices. They might not want to read one article, but the article next to it may pique their interest instead.

Ensure that the title text does not obscure the photo and vice versa. You want a clear, custom WordPress design so your users know what to expect when they click on an article.

5. Showcase Your Talents and Expertise

Your website will either be for your business, portfolio, or it will be your business. So, your custom web design should put your talents and expertise first.

Are you a filmmaker? Then your web design should include an automatic showreel that plays whenever a user enters your site.

Or do you run a law firm? Avoid too many distracting widgets and highlight a statistic or your contact details, instead.

6. Opt For Icons Over Texts Where Possible

This might sound like an easy, straightforward custom WordPress design idea, but it’s effective. People are more drawn to icons, symbols, and graphics than they are to words in most instances.

So, when you are designing your “about” or “contact” page, use phone, email, and letter icons instead of writing the words next to the information.

It is the little details that will elevate your WordPress web design into something custom and professional.

7. Use Different Media and Plugins to Jazz Up Your Content

Most websites have (or they should have!) a blog where you can post useful and inspirational content. And there are lots of ways you can make these pages look more eye-catching, not only your homepage and contact page.

Break up walls of text with high-quality images and infographics. If you only have portrait images, use a plugin to display them next to each other in line.

You can also use plugins to create colorful fact boxes, a table of contents, and change your fonts. These design elements will help your users find the information they need as your web pages will look appealing and organized.

Custom WordPress Website Design Ideas to Elevate Your Web Presence

There are tons of custom WordPress website design options that can level up your web design from basic to beautiful. But this list of design ideas is a great place to start, and they are 100 percent worth the time and expense to make your site look fresh andfunctional.

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