7 Fun Things to Do in Northern California

 7 Fun Things to Do in Northern California

If you’re planning to tour Northern California, this is an excellent opportunity to experience the region. That depends on your interests and preferences. There’s hiking through the redwood forests, exploring abandoned mines, or climbing aboard a paddle boat from San Francisco Bay. For winter skiing and snowboarding, you can also check out wine country in Sonoma, Napa Valley, or Lake Tahoe. Here are some recommended activities to spend your time in Northern California. This section is especially for those new to the region who want to see what’s it all about.

1. Enjoy An Outstanding Wine Tour

Wine touring has never been more accessible. Some companies now offer private tours or even a private tasting at home with a sommelier or wine taster present just for you and your family. They will take you through different wineries in Sonoma, Napa, and Lake Tahoe, taking photos of you as they pass by and explaining each step of the process of winemaking. For example, you can select the type of wine, the grape variety, and the seasonal style.

2. Cruise On A Historic Ferry

Regarding transportation, the ferry is still one of the most popular ways to explore Northern California. From San Francisco Bay, you can cruise through Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz Island, or in the opposite direction, make your way to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco for a great view of historic ships or look down from the bridge on Angel Island before heading back. You can also choose between dinner cruises, where you can try Mediterranean-style fare and Asian cuisine; there are also wine-tasting cruises.

3. Visit An Abandoned Mine

Visit one of the 22 abandoned mining towns scattered across Northern California. Explore the buildings, see how people lived during its boom time, learn about the process of gold mining and discover which parts of Northern California are more haunted by ghosts.

4. Hike Through Redwood Trees

Oakland and San Francisco are known for their steep hills, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have options for a fun hike. In Northern California, redwood forests are one of the most popular outdoor activities. Ask a local store owner if you need more information about any specific location. They will be more than happy to help with directions or recommendations for things to do in Northern California.

5. Take A Rafting Trip

Another great way to spend an entire day in Northern California is by taking a rafting trip. Lake Tahoe and its calm blue waters, or the rapids in the white-water river for more adventurous souls. White water rafting in the Sacramento River is on the list of activities in Northern California for those who want to feel the adrenaline flow through their veins as they raft and enjoy the views with a great splash at the end.

6. Take A Stroll Through California’s State Capitol

This trip is perfect for history buffs or anyone who wants to learn more about the state government. The California State Capitol building isn’t just important because of its role in governing the state. Still, it is also filled with beautiful artwork and fantastic architecture that will catch your attention. There are also some intriguing exhibits such as the gold standard, the California art gallery, and a few different museums you can check out, like the California state capitol museum, which is both children and adults-friendly.

7. Take A Ride On A Cable Car

No other city in the U.S. has a cable car system like San Francisco, making it even more unique and fun to ride on. Hop on or off at the top of Nob Hill or visit Chinatown to experience the Asian culture and tradition. If you only have a day to spend in Northern California and want to see as much as possible, taking an iconic cable car for a spin is definitely on this list of activities worth trying at least once in your lifetime.

Closing Thoughts

Northern California is a unique and fun place to visit, no matter the time of the year. It’s an excellent opportunity to spend time with friends or family and stay in a vacation rental with all the amenities you may need.

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