7 Great Amenities to Offer Your Apartment Residents

 7 Great Amenities to Offer Your Apartment Residents

Apartment amenities will help in increasing new residents and also maintain the already existing ones. Having a dull building with no activities can turn off those interested in moving in. Amenities are also an additional marketing strategy if you do it well. The following are some of the tips to consider.

  1. Pet-Friendly Policies 

Most people love pets, especially Chihuahuas, puppies, cats, and rabbits. Ensure you choose the most cost-effective ones. They should look attractive, playful, and friendly. They should also not have diseases or ticks that can be dangerous to the resident’s health.

Especially for the dogs, ensure they do not have rabies. They should visit the veterinarian before coming to the apartment. Cleanliness should also be adhered to as it can be turned off even to those who want to play with them. 

Additionally, you can offer a pet spa or cleaning bay for the residents. Those who have their pets will enjoy living here. It will also attract new members. Pets bring joy and love to people, so it will be a great idea to have them around.

  1. 24-Hour Washer & Dryer Services

Providing your residents with this essential and useful amenity will keep them happy and their clothes smelling fresh and clean. Residents knowing that they will be able to do their laundry without having to leave their building plays an important part in keeping them as residents wanting to continue to live there and can also attract new residents as well. Make sure to offer them 24-hour coin laundry services to get the job done. 

  1. Swimming Pool

One of the great amenities that should not be left out is a swimming pool. It is essential, especially during the hot seasons. People will want to cool off the heat and enjoy the calm waters running down their spines.

Even those who do not want to swim will want to spend time around the pool. It becomes like a get-together site for all the apartment residents. It’s also an attractive site and also a marketing strategy.

  1. Wi-Fi

The internet brings a lot of people together. It can be for luxury purposes to watch entertainment videos. Also, those who have online businesses will enjoy the accessibility of the internet. Ensure it is not slow or unreliable.

High-speed Wi-Fi is essential as most people are impatient and want to complete what they are doing without being slowed down. Also, the residents will want to download or listen to music, and buying their Wi-Fi will be disappointing. Make the apartment more interesting by adding such amenities.

  1. WorkSpaces

Yes, people may have their rooms to work. However, some people prefer working out in the open. Put aside a section for them to do their job. It will be interesting to have a space where everyone meets to work together. It can also be a study point for those who want to read in an open area.

It should be somewhere open for everyone to access. Ensure it is not near construction or a busy area to avoid too much noise. Also, the working space should have Wi-Fi so that those who want to access the internet can find it easily. The area should also be spacious with a desk and chairs. You can add a public desktop laptop.

  1. Smart Home Features

Smart home features are the new trending amenities to most buildings. Start by updating the features that have been there for so many years. Replace them with new fashionable equipment. Technology is always at the core of the day to day activities.

Therefore, ensure you use the latest technology features. Update to current units that are simple and less expensive. A good example is a smart thermostat that is simple and less expensive to install. It will be beneficial to the residents who want to adjust their AC from where they are.

  1. Fitness and Gym Amenities

Keeping fit is attractive to those who love doing exercises. It makes everyone healthy and active in the apartment. You can hire a gym coach to guide those who want to take part in the activity. One of the trending things today is healthy living. Therefore, it will be very attractive even to new residents.

Introduce at least one session per day and in the evening. Those who want to exercise before leaving will have an opportunity to do so. Others like exercising in the evening when they get back from work. A gym and fitness amenity will also add more points when the health inspectors visit the apartment.

In Conclusion

There are so many things that can be attractive to a building. Ensure you add amenities that the residents will enjoy having around.

Maggie Bloom

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