7 Helpful Tips of Gun Maintenance

 7 Helpful Tips of Gun Maintenance

Undoubtedly, maintaining your guns is necessary for gun ownership, but most people avoid it because they consider it a hefty task. However, it does not have to be a chore as it only takes a few easy measures. 

Gun maintenance is inevitable because, without proper cleaning and test firing, it is possible that you could be carrying around a firearm that does not shoot when needed, or maybe it is not accurate, or it can go off when it should not. All of this can lead to fatal accidents. Likewise, the spare gun parts for sale also need to be maintained and cleaned timely. 

Tips of Gun Maintenance

Following are 7 useful gun maintenance tips that will help you a great deal:

1-     Read the Manual Properly

It is human nature that nobody prefers to sit down and carefully read a mundane instruction manual when they have got a shiny new purchase on the table in front of them. However, not reading the instructions carefully can mean the difference between life and death when it comes to a gun. Your firearm manual will not only explain to you how to arm and disarm the gun appropriately, but it will also provide a guide on how to keep your gun in excellent working condition. 

Moreover, if you buy a used gun, you can get a manual by quickly contacting the manufacturer or searching online. You must be mindful that not all guns are disassembled the same way, which is why it is necessary to read your owner’s manual when field stripping not to break anything. You can find any shooting gear for sale easily along with their manual. 

2-     Unload the Gun

It goes without saying, but you should always make sure to unload your gun when it is not in use. Even if you have concealed carry consent, it is still good to change the magazine every 4 to 6 months anyway. Moreover, you should also fire your gun at a target range every few weeks to ensure it is still in proper working order and sharpen your shooting skills.

3-     Use the Right Cleaning Solution

Gun owners are ill-famed for venturing to DIY their cleaning solutions. However, you must never do this. Professional products designed specifically for cleaning, lubricating, and protecting your gun are the most reliable option for proper maintenance. A gun must be maintained enough to stand up to the high-speed movement in the barrel, extreme heat, friction, and rust. Due to this, you must always use the fluids and oils explicitly made for firearms.

4-     Check you Guns Often

It is expected that keen hunters know to inspect their guns before and after every use, but many of us who carry for other reasons might not be aware that we should be checking our firearms quite often too. The guns that sit in a holster for a long time are victims of their environment and become jammed with debris or even rust. Daily carriers should quickly inspect their guns at the end of each day, while those guns placed at home or in the car should be checked weekly. Likewise, the gun parts for sale should also be checked with attention.

5-     Remove Debris

Most gun owners do not have access to a vat to soak their guns in or a sonic cleaner, which can require an intense elbow crease for scrubbing your equipment free of debris. However, a toothbrush soaked in cleaning solvent is the most affordable option available.

You need to have extra equipment for cleaning the bore, like patches, a rod, a brush, and a bore solvent. You can also always make use of the MUT tool for an easier and smoother process. You need to be gentle while cleaning the gun and scrub in repeated but slight motions.

6-     Add Grease

Gun enthusiasts find it satisfying to greasing the mechanical parts of their firearms. It is also needed for the smooth working of the gun. You should apply a slight amount of lubricants on your gun parts occasionally.

7-     Wipe it Properly

The exterior of your gun also needs proper cleaning and maintenance to keep its shine. To avoid rust and other deteriorating signs, you should wipe down your gun at the end of every use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1-     What is gun trafficking?

Simply put, gun trafficking is the transfer of guns from legal to illegal streams for the sake of business and money-making. It happens within states or on an international basis. 

2-     What is the opening of the gun called?

The opening of the gun is called a bore.


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