7 Instagram Giveaway Steps You Need to Follow

 7 Instagram Giveaway Steps You Need to Follow

With so many people using Instagram, it has become an excellent platform for promoting your business. At least eight out of ten people follow one or more Instagram business accounts. That means that in any business, there is cut-throat competition. If you want to make a presence on Instagram, you might have to go a long way. 

When a platform becomes such an intense marketing space, you generally get to see some popular Instagram marketing strategies that you can use to gain fruitful results. The common ones’ implemented these days include optimizing the posting times for more people to see your content, collaborating with an influencer or a celebrity to spread the word about your business, or hiring a content creator to make content that connects with people. 

But what does it take for a giveaway to work as you planned? Not every business that offers a giveaway is successful. For it to get you the results you expect, you should know how to do a giveaway. 

In this blog, you will learn the correct way to run a giveaway on Instagram to get new followers and leads.

If you want to engage a wider audience and become a source of joy to them, an Instagram giveaway is the best strategy.

In this blog, you will learn the right way to run a giveaway on Instagram to get new followers and leads. 

How to Run a Successful Instagram Giveaway?

When you plan an Instagram giveaway for an audience, you have to give them something in return. For instance, in exchange for the giveaway, you need to offer something to the audience, it could be a product of your own business, or you can offer something that would entice them.

Running a giveaway can help you make a name for your brand. If your giveaway Instagram post gets the attention you want, you can gain a loyal following organically and introduce them to your impressive products or services.

Apart from that, anyone who runs a contest on Instagram should make sure that you don’t violate any rule in any federal, state, or other laws that apply to your area. Moreover, the platform needs you to comprise official contest rules and terms of eligibility.

In case there is a legal notice on your website about the contest rules and details, you can post the link in your giveaway post. If you want to know about the Instagram contest rules and regulations, you can go to their help center.

After you read the terms and conditions of the contest, you can plan an Instagram giveaway.

Decide the Prize of Your Giveaway

Once you decide to run an Instagram giveaway, the first step is to think of the gift. Depending on the business you have, you can decide what you want to offer as a giveaway. You can consider this as a great chance to launch your product or services to your Instagram followers.

One popular trend for a giveaway Instagram post is collaborating with someone who would offer a giveaway. If you don’t want to gift a product or a bunch of items, you can give out vouchers offering a trip, a spa day, or a meetup with an influential personality from an industry your audience would be interested in.

Method of Entering the Contest

You have to select a method for the users to enter the contest. You should decide your ultimate goal. For instance, the purpose of your giveaway could be to make people recognize your brand. In this case, you can ask the participant to mention their friends on the post. This is a great way to make new followers and grow audience reach on your posts.

Similarly, if you want people to check out your blogs or a website, you provide a link in the post as the entry criteria. Additionally, if a brand sponsors your giveaway on Instagram in exchange for one of their products as a prize, they’ve asked you to include a request to follow their brand as part of your entry criteria.

Determine the Aim of Your Post

When you have a purpose in mind, it is easier to decide on a strategy. Also, you can infer if the results of the Instagram giveaway were beneficial for you. 

Different businesses seek different results for their brand. For instance, some want to increase the traffic on their website, and others are looking to add to the number of their followers and boost engagement. According to your goal, you can decide on a strategy that gives you the outcomes you want.

Find Someone to Collaborate 

It’s always better to run an Instagram with two brands instead of just one. When you partner on your giveaway, it gives an impression to the audience that your brand values align with other like-minded brands. This instills the thought in the consumer that you are a trusted brand. As a result, your loyalty increases amongst your followers. 

When you align with a brand for collaborative giveaways, the engagement on your page increases. Therefore, your sales and followers increase, making way for new opportunities like collaborating with new brands, companies, and famous personalities. 

Start a Hashtag Campaign

As you might already know, Instagram hashtags exist to help people discover new channels. Furthermore, Hashtags can help increase your business’s visibility on Instagram. You start a campaign using a gripping and trendy Hashtag. You can use hashtags with your giveaway Instagram post.

For instance, if you have you have services like ghostwriting services, you can use #allinclusivegostwritingservices#giveaway in the caption.

Mention a Cut-off Date on Your Post

You should specify the last day of entry on your post. The participants should feel the urgency to enter the competition. At the end of the requirements of the Instagram giveaway caption, you can mention the last date. Once the date has passed, you can edit the caption by telling the participants that the time for entries has closed. Consequently, people try to complete the requirements more quickly.

Encourage People to Participate

After you select a reward for your Instagram giveaway, requirements for entry, a brand to align with, hashtag, end date, and your motive for the giveaway, you are ready to promote it. Note that, there is a specific time of the day when more users scroll through Instagram. You should plan your strategy accordingly.

You can share the details on your blog posts, Facebook account, or other social media platforms. Think of the platforms you can use to get ideal results.

Instagram Giveaway Rules

Now that you know how to do giveaways on Instagram, you need to learn Instagram’s rules. Thankfully, the rules are pretty straightforward for giveaways. 

As per the rules, your giveaway should not be sponsored, managed, or affiliated with Instagram, Inc. the audience entering your contest must not be below the age of 13, don’t ask the entrants to tag themselves on your post, and, finally, you should agree to the terms of use given by Instagram.

Final Words 

Hopefully, after going through this blog, you will learn the scheme that makes an Instagram giveaway successful. Remember, you have to consider your niche when you do a giveaway to make loyal followers and surge your sales. If any of the steps go wrong, it can have a negative impact on your brand. 

Driving engagement can be a tough job if what you are offering to the audience isn’t catchy. Similarly, if you are marketing a product like a book, you need exceptional writing and marketing services to bring sales and boost brand awareness. An agency like Universal Book Writers does it for you flawlessly. 



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