7 Must Remember Things For Your Indian Wedding Shopping

 7 Must Remember Things For Your Indian Wedding Shopping

I personally believe one of the best parts about an Indian wedding is BIG FAT SHOPPING! Such pleasing lehengas that it almost takes up your entire day to stick to one. So, we all know the drill right. We rush to Chandini chowk to get modernized on various new designs on bomb Indian wear in a very budget-friendly pocket. Starting from the jewelry through the outfit to the footwear. Indian Wedding shopping holds a different excitement in all of our hearts. Now what matters is along with the enthusiasm you need to have a sensible idea of what to buy, how to buy and from where to buy. A custom shopping list is a good start.

You need to begin from writing all that you need for the wedding and other functions. Starting from the lehengas to outfits of new trends along with accessories and a nice pair of heels according to your comfort. Now I’m certain that if you live in Delhi there are multiple options in every budget range and certain markets/shops categorized according to preferences. SO, here are a few things you need to keep in mind.


The longer the list of people the messier it gets, it’s just going to take extra time without a conclusion. So always take limited people with yourself just for the sake of extra perspective.


Chandini Chowk period. It is basically famous for Indian wedding shopping, it has so many varieties to offer at such a budget friendly price you will go head over heels looking at those flawless lehengas. Except that there are various markets that hold a good place for jewelry or footwear.


Try on all the lehengas that are under your budget to know what you like and what looks good on you. Wear your whole outfit to see how it turned out and look out for problems if any so you will get sorted.


When mirrors can’t provide you with an accurate opinion, click pictures, lots of them from different angles to know if it looks like how you dreamt it. Share pictures with your fiancé so he knows how gorgeous you will look.


While placing the order lie about the date so you get your outfit before the wedding day that way you can still get your last-minute alterations and changes done. 


Choose your current size, as much as you want to lose weight before your wedding it is not your priority still, so choose your current size to save yourself from some delayed inconvenience even if you won’t be able to do it.


Know current trends and designs, look for them if you like any so it will look more in trend and you will have a grasp on your outfit. 

This should be enough to memorize before going for Indian wedding shopping. Have fun and make sure you look like an absolute goddess after all it’s your day.

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