7 statistics about cosmetic display boxes that you shouldn’t believe

 7 statistics about cosmetic display boxes that you shouldn’t believe

Cosmetic Display Boxes are important for the promotion and marketing of your products. They are available in different sizes and unique shapes. They have attractive designs. Cosmetic companies use them to make a separate identity for their brand. Brands also compete in ideas to make their packages more attractive. Certain myths are circulating about these packages that are baseless. This article will explain the myths that you should never believe. 

They have huge minimums

Display Boxes are easily available in the market. A common misconception about them is that they have their huge minimums. It is completely baseless. Large companies may start with 1000 packages order, but it is not necessary. You can always negotiate the terms with them. Similarly, for small businesses and startups, it will be impossible to order this many packages. Manufacturers are aware of this issue. They happily take orders from small businesses. Fever minimums choices are also available in the market. You can also search for them online. There will be plenty of options. From customization to the designing of the packages, you can always order at fewer minimums. The reason for their easy availability in fewer and huge minimums make them suitable options for the startups.

They have a long lead time 

Cardboard Display Boxes play a significant role in providing ultimate protection to cosmetic items. There is a common misconception that they have a long lead time. Manufacturers are completely aware of the fact that customers become frustrated if they have to wait for a long time. The long waiting time delays the entry of the product into the market. Manufactures are usually very cooperative in this regard. You just have to tell them the size of your order. They check with their team and give you an estimated time. Usually, they deliver the order in one to two weeks. Even if your order is huge and you think it might take time, they rush the process. They make sure that you don’t have to wait for too long to receive your packages.

Printing is complicated 

Display Boxes have the best quality of printing. It is a false misconception that printing quality is not good for these packages. High-quality printing methods are available for the printing of these packages. Digital, offset, and screen printing is the most common printing strategies. They have efficient results. Printing plates and refined artwork improves the aesthetics of the packages. You can also choose the color schemes from color models. PMS and CMYK are the latest color models available in the market. It depends on you, whatever model you choose. Digital printing has many benefits. It includes the use of directly printing an image on the surface of the packaging. Screen printing involves the use of woven screen mashup for printing. Offset printing revolves around the transferring of ink from a source to the surface.

They are expensive 

Custom Display Boxes Wholesale are available online. Some people have the misconception of them being expensive. There are many ways to get them at reasonable prices. Manufacturers have kept their prices affordable. Usually, these packages are ordered in bulk. This results in the reduction of prices. You can buy them from sales and promotional offers as well. Companies offer many discounts and vouchers if you buy directly from them. You can take advantage of these offers and get these at affordable rates. 

Excessive use of energy 

Custom Display Boxes UK are eco-friendly. This is a completely wrong assumption about them that they use excessive energy. They use minimum carbon foot fronts. This is the best thing about them. Their sustainable packaging is famous in the whole world. Manufacturers know the disadvantages of plastic packaging. Eco-friendly packaging is recyclable as well. It cuts down the use of natural resources. You can use it multiple times. They are biodegradable. They will not increase the pollution in the environment in any way. You can use them confidently for your businesses. They are cost-effective as well. 

Customers don’t care about packaging 

Display Packaging plays an important role in grabbing the attention of the customers. It is a myth that customers don’t care about the packages. Their first interaction when buying a product is with the packaging. In today’s world of social media, people like to share their experiences. They upload detailed videos about the products and their packaging. Cosmetic companies know that they need to make impressive packaging for the customers to get good reviews. Brands and companies compete with each other in creating unique designs and themes for their products. 

They do not provide protection 

Cardboard Display Boxes are famous in the market because of their strength. The purpose of packaging is to protect the products inside. It is a baseless statistic that these packages do not provide protection. They are made water-resistant. During shipping, your products are exposed to changing weather conditions. This packaging helps in fighting against this change. Makeup-related products are sensitive to temperature changes. Companies used this packaging to maintain the quality of their products. High-quality material cardboard provides tough protection. 

Cosmetic Display Boxes attract customers with their alluring designs. Many misconceptions are going on about them in the market. For example, they are considered to be expensive. It is thought that their preparation time is long. All of these are baseless assumptions. They are cost-effective. These packages are always delivered on time. Their eco-friendly packaging makes them a favorite in the eyes of customers.


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