7 Tips to Improve Your Food Deliveries

More than ever, delivery is essential for everyone who works or wants to work in the restaurant sector. But whoever Thinking that providing food Deliveries is enough is wrong. Consumers are no longer satisfied with the basics and demand maximum quality in what they receive at home.

A slip, an inadequate service, an incorrect delivery and a delay, all of this can hurt your delivery and worse: your restaurant’s reputation in the market.

Imagine, for example, that a person who is a vegetarian orders a pizza and receives a covered meat option at home. It is, to say the least, regrettable, isn’t it?

Of course, the person will think twice before placing an order again. How to prevent or change situations like these?

Delivering the best customer experience requires commitment and openness to transformations, but it can also bring excellent results.

Check out seven sure-fire tips on how to make effective and fast food deliveries in your establishment below.

1. Offer different payment options

Nowadays, few people have money in their hands. According to the World Payment Report survey, non-cash transactions should grow an average of 12.7% per year until 2021 and what to do about this?

The tip is to offer customers practical and online payment methods. Bet on services such as credit card, application link and instant payments.

All of this brings more ease and satisfaction to consumers and, on top of that, it can generate more sales.

2. Publicize your tele-delivery services

It’s no use having a delivery service if it’s not publicized, is it?

People need to know that you offer this functionality.

Therefore, do not hesitate to publicize your delivery options in all communication channels, both in digital media – such as a website and social networks – as well as in flyers and points of sale.

3. Use an app or food deliveries platform

Almost everyone owns a smartphone. In addition to facilitating the connection between people, they bring the possibility of access to delivery applications.

In them, you can register your restaurant in a few steps and put all the important information for the customer to place their order, such as a menu and additional items, for example.

With this, consumers can order their food whenever and wherever they are. And you can organize your structure and operations to better serve you, in a targeted, fast and error-free way.

4. Train your internal team

Let’s say you’ve already advertised your tele-delivery services on social networks and are also already registered with delivery apps. But that just isn’t enough.

Another important aspect is to organize your team so that it provides the best service. If possible, carry out internal training, determining the organization of food, ingredients and supplies and the functions of each professional, from preparation to dispatch.

In this way, whenever an order is placed, the assembly process can be carried out faster and, consequently, deliveries will become more agile.

5. Maintain close communication with the consumer

People like brands that care about them. In addition to having packaging that guarantees the quality of the product during transport; take advantage of the delivery opportunity to establish contact with the consumer.

Send a loving message on a note with the package and show that you are happy to serve. This generates satisfaction and encourages new orders.

6. Have a good delivery team

Nobody likes to receive an order with something missing or all messed up, right? That’s why it’s so important to choose the right people to deliver your delivery.

Instruct your delivery boys to treat customers with respect and cordiality and, of course, to take good care of the food and dishes being delivered.

7. Count on good delivery app design

Consumers like ease. And when you offer it, the chances of winning their preference are even greater.

A good alternative is to improve delivery app design, which can work in different ways.

There are plenty of opportunities to improve your food deliveries app design, and you can use your creativity to best implement them!

The importance of design in your food delivery app

A restaurant with a strong visual identity, which clearly communicates its values and purposes, has a higher credibility image when compared to restaurants that do not value this aspect of visual identity. The same applies for good delivery apps: with a good design you can attract more users and keep your app’s usage retention rate high.

When planning your application, it is not enough to define whether it will be native or hybrid and whether it will have integration with any tool. Thinking about the design of the app is just as important as the quality of the code itself.

As the saying goes, the first impression is what remains. Thus, thinking with the user’s behavior profile when creating the splash screen is one of the crucial factors to engage your target.

Food app design is also related to function

When we talk about design, especially in the field of the mobile universe, we need to understand that the term is strongly related to its function and not just its aesthetics. Therefore, an application layout must be well planned because its final result must provoke an intuitive navigation in a simple and dynamic way.

This concept is strongly known as User Interface, it aims to facilitate user interaction with the interface in every way. That’s why it’s so important to assess how the layout will be designed. Observing points such as spacing, colors, visual unit, and final file weight are essential for a great application.

How to add value through design

Creating a layout based on the brand concept that is attractive, easy to understand and efficient is the first step to a good application. The tip is to define a color palette and use it sparingly and technically knowledgeable to create an easily intuitive color navigation layout.

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