7 Ways Kids Can Help to Save Trees & The Environment

 7 Ways Kids Can Help to Save Trees & The Environment

If you love & care about the environment, You could be already doing things to take care of the planet. As you might already know, Forest covers most of the earth’s surface. They provide shelter & are home to a wide variety of plants & animals. In addition, they provide food, wood, medicine & many more things to people worldwide. But the most important fact is they ensure that the earth’s temperature is liveable for all the species on the planet.

Being an environmental NGO & having carried out several project on save trees in the past, Below we list six activities we can do to save the environment & protect trees!

1) Avoid wasting paper

We can save trees from being cut down by using less paper, but how?
a) Making a scrap paper drawer to reuse paper
b) Making use of scrap paper
c) Replacing paper tissues with handkerchiefs & cloth napkins
d) Using a reusable lunchbox

2) Playing with rubbish

Children love to play with cardboard boxes, kitchen toilet rolls, empty toilet paper & even shoe boxes. Boxes can be used for making forts or as a base for superheroes & toilet/kitchen rolls can be crafted into telescopes or binoculars. But, your imagination only limits you.

3) Borrowing, sharing & donating books

People have a habit of reading a lot which translates into many books & lots of paper. The library can be your fantastic alternative for buying new books so can be your friends & family who are willing to exchange books. Instead of storing the books which are of no use to your children, donate them to a library, book shop, or school/nursery

4) Plant a tree

Planting a tree can be fun & a great activity for children & the best time to do it is in autumn. However, before doing any action, ensure that you choose the right kind of tree for your space as certain tree species have complex root systems which can damage buildings or grow tall & limit lights.

5) Visiting the forest

The best way to make children feel connected with trees & forests is to let them spend some time with them. Visit a local or national park to smell, hear & see amazing sights of the forest habitat.

6) Spending some time on footpaths/trails

Ensure that you stay on marked trails whenever you visit a forest that will reduce your impact on wilderness areas & preserve them for future generations

7) Making use of organic fertilizers

Never make use of any artificial chemical fertilizer for your tree. Instead, use organic & natural fertilizers to grow them. All the gigantic trees that you see have developed on their using natural fertility in the soil but, if you plant a tree, it can’t grow gigantic by any means with chemical fertilizers. Furthermore, using artificial fertilizers only harms the plant, whereas using natural fertilizers is known to make the trees less prone to pests & diseases.


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