7 Ways to Give Back Online

 7 Ways to Give Back Online

Do you often wish there was more you could do to help others? Do you see pictures or read stories about people in need and wonder what, if anything, you can do to help them? Volunteering your time and energy is one of the best ways to impact the world around you positively. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or resources available to give back in person. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternative ways to give back online.

1. Helping Others Through Computer-Based Volunteering.

Online volunteers can work remotely and help people in need worldwide, often without meeting them in person. Several organizations allow people to sign up to volunteer online through their computers, such as the Mozilla Foundation. Mozilla’s Open Badges initiative will enable people to earn badges for different online tasks and activities, including volunteering. There are several other badges that you can make, including everything from teaching how to use a password manager to helping fight against internet burnout. By earning badges through the Open Badges program, you will be assisting Mozilla measure the impact of volunteering and working in the digital world. This can help you better understand how your work makes a difference and inspire you to continue volunteering in the future.

2. Donating Your Money Online.

If you don’t have the time or skills to volunteer directly online, donating money to worthy causes is another excellent option. Many organizations are solely online, meaning you’ll find plenty of opportunities to donate your money to help others. Charity fundraising websites like crypto donation platform allow people to create campaigns to raise funds for various causes worldwide. You can choose from a list of existing campaigns or create your own. By donating to the campaigns you believe in, you will be helping them achieve their goals. Depending on where you live, you may also receive tax benefits for your donation.

3. Sharing Information and Resources.

If you have a skill that you’re particularly good at, you can share it with others online through websites like Reddit. Reddit is a social media website where people can submit links, images, and text that other users can comment on and discuss. People are allowed to create their own “subreddits” like forums or topics that people can discuss through comments. If there is something that you think others would find useful or helpful, you can create a subreddit and share your knowledge and skills through it. You can also find subreddits where people are asking questions. You can share your knowledge and expertise with others to help them solve their problems. This is often referred to as “teaching” online and is a great way to help others without directly giving them something of your own.

4. Helping People Find Employment.

If you love connecting with people and helping them achieve their career goals, you can do so online by becoming an online mentor. Many organizations provide mentoring services to help people overcome the difficulties and roadblocks they might face in their careers. You can search for organizations that require online mentors and sign up to help people through career-related issues they may face. You can help people find employment, secure higher-paying jobs, advance in their current fields, or overcome the difficulties they might face in their careers. Providing mentoring services online is a great way to help others without having to meet them in person.

5. Becoming an Online Mentor.

If you’re particularly passionate about helping people, you can become a mentor online through organizations like the National Mentoring Partnership. As a virtual mentor, you will have the opportunity to work with a new student every three months. You will provide one-on-one mentoring through email, phone, and video calls. Working as a virtual mentor is a great way to provide mentoring services to people who may not be able to receive them otherwise.

6. Finding Events and Internships for Others.

If you love connecting with people online and want to find unique ways to help others, you can look for online events and internships. Many companies host events online to help bring their customers, fans, and followers together in real life. You can sign up to become a host or attend these events as a guest. You can also search for online internships that allow you to work remotely while helping a company achieve its goals.

7. Donate Your Time.

There are numerous ways you can use your skills and expertise to help others while donating your time. You can use online platforms to find opportunities to contribute your time locally or internationally. Some ways to give your time include donating your expertise or skills via online platforms, such as websites that allow you to offer your services to those who need them. You can also help others using online tools, such as websites that will enable you to offer your skills or expertise to people in need. You can also use online tools to find and contact organizations that need volunteers in your area.


Giving back to the world around you is essential to being a good person. Unfortunately, not everyone can find the time or resources to give back in person. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternative ways to give back online.

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