7 Ways You Can Manage Your Parking Lot Better

Running a parking lot can be a profitable and enjoyable business, however, it sometimes comes with a lot of stress. If you’re unsure of what changes you can make to improve your parking lot business then fear not – we’re here to help. An increase in efficiency will mean an increase in profit so check out our tips below for a booming business you can be proud of.

1. Install Automatic License Plate Recognition

Security is one of the most important elements of your business. If you want repeat customers, you’ll need to be able to ensure the safety of their vehicles. This means keeping them free of scratches, crashes, and burglaries. Whilst it is difficult to guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong, if something does happen ALPR will ensure that you can identify the culprit. It can also be a huge help with your insurance! You can also get real-time insights, so you have a better understanding of your business data.

2. Add EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are the future and they’re becoming increasingly popular. Making sure you have ample charging stations around your parking lot will ensure that you are broadening your customer base and helping the environment to boot.

3. Have Spaces For Regulars

If your parking lot is in a busy area or a particular hub, say near a train station or business park, then offer designated spaces for regular clients. This will mean that you are offering a good service for customers who will want to come back and use you again and again.

4. Set Up A Season Ticket System

A season ticket system will guarantee repeat customers as you’ll be signing them up and taking money upfront for the spaces. You can have annual, quarterly, or even monthly permits that can be booked.

5. Offer A Variety Of Spaces

While cars are the most common vehicle you’ll benefit from having a wide variety of spaces. Have several smaller spots for motorbikes and larger ones for trucks with everything in between. That way you’ll be catering to everyone and have more opportunities to make money.

6. Add Bright Lighting

Bright lighting will increase the safety levels of your customers and help them find their cars easily. Add large floodlights across the parking lot so that people can navigate around without having to struggle in the dark. You’ll also help deter criminals by eliminating dark corners for them to hide in.

7. Create Easy To Remember Zones

If you run a large parking lot then it makes sense to create different zones within your lot. Make it unique so that customers can remember where they are. Consider using colors, animal names, or numbers and if you use paper tickets then have tick boxes on the back so that customers can make a note of where they’ve parked.

Which of these parking lot tips will you be trying for a better business? Share in the comments or let us know your own!

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