8 Amazing Facts About Reddit That You Should Know In 2022

 8 Amazing Facts About Reddit That You Should Know In 2022

Whether you are a Reddit user or not, you are going to love the facts that we are going to discuss in this article. 

Among the most famous online social platforms, Reddit has been consistent throughout. It is an American news aggregation and content rating platform where the members can also participate in the discussion here. 

It is a platform harboring diverse communities and groups. Suppose you are looking for a good. There are many niche-based subreddits where users participate. 

In this article, we have talked about different statistics and facts about Reddit that will amaze you. 

1. Reddit Has A Massive Amount Of Users

Many other social media platforms have a great number of monthly active users. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are topping the list. But Reddit does not fall behind. According to The result of 2019, there are 430 million users on Reddit every month. 

The Reddit users have been very consistent with their engagement on the platform. Marketers and businesses can use this platform to specifically target their audience. 

2. Over 50 Million Mentions Of Covid Are Present On Reddit 

The mention of covid 19 and other terms of the pandemic were circling around on different platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Reddit is no exception. In fact, a massive 50-plus million mentions of covid has been there on Reddit. Covid being one of the biggest global phenomena, has had many mentions on Reddit. 

3. Reddit Users Spend 9 Minutes And 23 Seconds On The Platform On Average

Reddit may not have the same amount of user time as Facebook, Instagram, and other large social media platforms. But it does not fall behind. According to statistics released in 9 minutes and 29 seconds. As a marketer, if you are looking for a platform that allows you to market to a considerable amount of users, then you can leverage the time Reddit users spend on Reddit. 

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4. Reddit Gets Billions Of Visit 

According to statistics from 2020, Reddit had more visitors compared to Wikipedia. The number of visitors it had was 1.63 billion from June to November 2020. The number is less compared to YouTube. But, Reddit still is popular and different communities are growing in it perfectly. 

5. Reddit’s User Base Is Mainly Age Between 25 To 29

The users of Reddit are mostly younger. The users are usually in their twenties. A massive 23% of the users on Reddit are aged between 25 to 29. If your target audience age between 25 to 29, then Reddit is a great platform for marketing to you. If your target audience age around 50, then Reddit is not so good of a platform for you. 

Older Reddit users are usually stereotyped. Unfortunately, these older Reddit users are very rare in number. If your target audience age around 50 to 65, Facebook would be a much better place than Reddit. 

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6. Most Of The Reddit Users Are From The US

Now, if a business is looking to target audiences in the US, then Reddit is a perfect platform. Most of the Reddit users are from the US., and a massive 49.69% of users of Reddit are from the US. According to Statista, the most number of Reddit users are based in the US. In the United Kingdom ( 7.95%), Australia (4.32%), and Canada, there are around (7.93%). 

So, if you want to target audiences based on the location, you can use these insights to plan your targeting. 

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7. Reddit Has More Male Users Than Female Users In The US

Unlike Pinterest, which has more female users compared to male users, Reddit has more male users. In the US, 15% of the Reddit users are male, and only 8% of the users are female. The reason behind this is the different subreddits. Most of the subreddits are based on male interests. The amount of female-centric Reddit users is less. 

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8. In The Us, It Is The 7th Most Visited Online Platform.

The reasons behind the popularity are obvious. In the US, it was the 3rd most visited platform in 2018. But that place got pushed down to 2020. Most of the traffic comes from the US. Marketers looking for US-based traffic on their site can use Reddit as their marketing platform.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some popularly asked questions about Reddit –

What Is Reddit Most Used For?

Reddit is mostly used for community discussions. The content here is socially curated by the members via voting. The membership registration is free. 

What Are The Benefits Of Reddit?

Reddit is good for some of the things mentioned below –

  • Research and making decisions. 
  • Join communities you can relate to 
  • It is great for learning new things 
  • You will not get fake news on Reddit (mostly) 

What Type Of People Have Reddit?

Most of the Reddit users are usually male. A massive number of Reddit users are from the US. 15 % of the US Reddit users are in front of the US. Only a fraction of the users is female. Also, most of the Reddit users are under 30. 

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Bottom Line 

The statistics about Reddit are interesting, and they offer incredible insight to marketers. As a marketer, the information given in this article may help. As a platform where mostly male users love to spend time, Reddit stands as a great platform for businesses targeting male audiences. 

We hope that the data and the statistics mentioned in this article help you understand if Reddit is good for your marketing campaigns or not. If you have any queries, you can ask us in the comment. 

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