8 Common Mistakes That Are A Part Of Live Event Production

 8 Common Mistakes That Are A Part Of Live Event Production

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The thing which you should do is as important as the thing which you should not do. Some common mistakes in the event production can ruin the whole period of flawless planning. Due to this corporate events regardless of the size consume a lot of work. This event comes with a huge responsibility in all aspects. But if there are potential mistakes in event production then what will happen? The simple answer to this is nothing. The only way to avoid potential errors is through careful planning. 

The only way to have an influential Live Event Production is to avoid its potential mistakes. The most common problem which potential mistakes cause is stressing of budget. But this is not it, mistakes lead to other issues and headaches too. You need to prepare yourself for the potential given mistakes to avoid the following consequences:

  • Budget drains
  • Poor audience engagement
  • Low attendance

Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Event:

Here is a detail of some of the common mistakes which have the potential to ruin your event.

  1. No Measurement Of Results:

You can’t determine the good results first you need to know what you want to achieve. Think once are you 100% sure about the outcome of an event and ways of achieving it. Event planning is not just writing on a piece of paper. It should have well-established goals. Like, think about actions and goals for engaging attendees after a live event. It should include KPIs related to marketing and event goals. Consider the following goals as an example:

  • The number of leads you want to generate for your event.
  • The sales which an event is supposed to accelerate.
  • The number of potential partners with whom you want to develop a relationship.
  1. Execution Of The Event Without A Prior Planning Of The Next Step For Attendees:

Most of the event producers forget about the planning after the execution of the event. Also, offering shallow content can ruin the whole created impact of the event. The goals of authority and relationship must be of the medium term to long term. If the planning and execution of the event become successful, you will generate quality leads in huge numbers. For the aftereffect of the event, there is a need to develop a flawless marketing strategy. 

  1. Showing Reliability On The Wi-Fi Of Venue:

Most of the venues offer Wi-Fi services for your event. But it is better for you if you consider it as a plan B. Most of the time the connection is not strong enough to meet the need of thousands of attendees at one time. For the required speed hire outside vendors. Because it is important to make sure that attendees experience the same thing which they have desired. 

  1. Imagining That People Will Interact Immediately:

We always say that the involvement of attendees in the experience is important. But is there any experience that exists without the attendees? The best thing is to utilize the event app for the discussion. Through an app, you can take the step by starting a conversation. The other option can be an introduction to a game challenge. Make people believe that they are going to meet interesting people in a one-on-one event. They will find many people that have a common interest. You can say that the participants are already willing to share their voices. But they need a slight push for doing this. 

  1. Wrong Selection Of A Tech For A Task:

Keep yourself up to date with all tech introduced in the market. It’s also impossible to deal with available resources without trying them. If as an event producer you make the right choice this problem can be solved. If without knowledge you will use any tech it wouldn’t produce the desired result. An experienced rental agency can suggest you the right tech. In that way, you can save yourself from the potential mistake of the live event.

  1. Negligence In Crisis Management Plan:

According to studies, 46% of the event planners don’t have a crisis management plan. Building a good reputation is a very time-consuming task and needs hard work.  But its destruction hardly takes a few seconds. Crisis management is somehow a very difficult task. Because it involves the hypothetical situations in it. So, it raises the question of how one can predict that something will go wrong? Even though they are hypothetical but eventually show up in events. If you handle them well, they can turn into great opportunities. 

  1. Choice Of An Unsuitable Date And Venue:

When you select a venue choose a place that can comfortably hold all attendees. This has easy access and has proper safety measures. It has parking and all other factors which your attendees are looking for. 

While selecting a date don’t compete with events in periods. Also, avoid setting the date on commonable holidays. Don’t give people an option of choosing between two occasions. 

  1. The Hiring Of Amateur And Unprepared Staff:

It is difficult to attract quality staff for creative agencies. To compete with the big fishes having complete structure is not easy. So, remember that key point always. The concept of people management and management is almost the same. This will make the hiring task easy for a better Live Event Production. Also, don’t forget to retain the hired employees. 

According to most entrepreneurs turnover is taboo. But sometimes it is needed. It is also a key performance indicator like the other ones. The average turnover for creative agencies is 30%. Anything above this will affect their potential which requires them to meet their vision and mission. 

Final Words: Event production is a very hectic task that needs your full concentration. If you lose concentration, all efforts can go in vain. Ems Events make sure that no aspect of the event leaves un-touch. But there are some common mistakes that event producers make in live events. The information about these mistakes is given below to help in coping with them. They seem small but their impact is very huge on events.

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