8 Diy Tips For Shower Tiles Cleaning

 8 Diy Tips For Shower Tiles Cleaning

The shower tiles stay moist for most of the time and that is the reason why there would be too much filth and greasiness on them. If certain tips are followed then this can help in removing the stickiness on the tiles. Follow a few DIY tips and make the cleaning session for shower tile cleaning successfully.

Pre-clean The Shower First

The first thing that you do must be to clean the shower. You must clean it thoroughly. This is because when you keep it unclean and just clean the tiles then there will be dirt again on the tiles. So, the area where you are keeping the shower head, you should keep clean and along with that, you must also pre-clean the whole shower. This will include the holes, the handle, and so on.

Use Vinegar To Scrub The Shower Tiles

The shower tiles would be too greasy and this is the reason why you must use vinegar for the same. Making a spray with water and vinegar can offer you varied benefits. Spraying this on the shower wall and tiles and then scrubbing the same with the scrubber can help out in keeping that area clean.

Cleaning The Shower Tile Grouts With Baking Soda

There would be too much grease in the shower tiles grout. But to clean the same you will have to use baking soda. 

Using Hydrogen Peroxide For Cleaning The Tiles

If the shower tiles are too dirty then you can use hydrogen peroxide for the same. It will help in shower tile cleaning pretty well. 

Applying Oxygen Bleach And Cleaning Gently

Oxygen bleach is supposed to be quite amazing as far as cleaning is concerned. You must take a cotton cloth and then apply the bleach with a brush and rub the cloth gently over the same. These chemicals can be dangerous for the skin and hence it is vital to wear gloves and then only get into the cleaning procedure.

Cleaning Calcium Deposits On The Shower Tiles With Soap Water

If there are calcium deposits on shower tiles then you will have to use soap water to clean them. This is an effective way to clean the tiles and make them shine once again.

Give Quick Rub To The Shower Tiles Every Day

You must rub the shower tiles every day. This will help in maintaining the tiles well. You must dedicate a few minutes to this task and see how it will help you for sure.

Get The Grout Cleaned Professionally

If you want Tile And Grout Cleaning Canberra perfectly then you must get the grout cleaned. Often, we tend to ignore these small things, and then there would be too much greasiness on the shower tiles.


Following DIY tips for shower tile cleaning can help in getting the best solution. Make sure that you follow the right cleaning process and protocols and this can provide you with a lot of benefits.

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