8 Great Websites to Help You Understand Web Development Online

 8 Great Websites to Help You Understand Web Development Online

8 Great Websites to Help You Understand Website Development Online

In today’s highly competitive job market, finding the right career path is vital. It can be a challenging procedure, however, as there are many factors to consider, like whether it is a good fit for you or will make you satisfied and earns you a decent salary, working hours, benefits, etc. In comparison, web development appears to be among the best options. However, before you decide to go ahead and enroll in any class in web development, we recommend taking an examination of the range of options you can select from. You can save time and money by taking web development classes online at no cost. This article will look at websites to aid you in understanding the process of developing sites online.

Websites That Help You to Understand Website Development Online:


Coursera is an enormous online catalog of courses where you will be able to locate the web development course you’re searching for. The classes are created by a team of renowned educational institutions and universities in line with the requirements of the top teachers and the most effective methods.

The advanced filtering system allows students to select not only the area and subject but the level and degree of the course and the institution that provides the approach online as well as the language, length, length, etc.

The subjects and levels range from an introductory HTML/CSS/JS course at Johns Hopkins University to a more extensive Ruby on Rails and an Angular JS course for intermediate students.

What’s more, the cool thing about Coursera is that after completion, you receive an online certificate that is an official proof of completion. You can include it on your resume.


Codecademy will be the bible of web development beginners. Based on the most used development languages around this world, the no-cost classes provide the essential information you require to start your journey. Most of the courses start at the very beginning by defining variables and then providing basic introductions to programming. If you’re looking to start with web development for free, it’s the best choice.

The HMTL/CSS courses are followed by JS courses, eventually leading to more advanced Node JS courses. You can also find back-end classes like Ruby and Ruby on Rails courses.

Every course on Codecademy is broken down into separate sections. Each section contains smaller teams, and each unit has exercises that test your understanding. Most classes have a final test to assist in testing your knowledge.

The problem is that Codecademy does not offer certificates at the time of completion of Pro Intensive programs, and the courses for free don’t offer certificates.

However, the skills and experience are so valuable that obtaining certification can be a thing of the past if you possess them. I suggest taking some time to study classes on Codeacademy and then work on your skills by working on projects for freelance. Don’t be stingy initially because you’ll need to gain expertise. Remember, you didn’t learn about web development on your own. Therefore, not seeing a significant benefit from this first expenditure of time is expected.


Udacity provides excellent online courses in collaboration with top IT companies such as Google, AT&T, Github, Amazon, etc. The classes are categorize between beginner and intermediate to advance. Udacity offers a wide range of courses, from basic HTML5/CSS tutorials to miniature web development courses that include Javascript, Backbone.js, etc.

Udacity focuses on learning, which anyone who has gone through online development or computer science understands is a huge plus. The interactive courses feature videos and questions to test your knowledge and assess your understanding at least once every few weeks. Most classes are also back by a vast and helpful group of students. Some courses also require mid-course projects to provide a more significant learning experience.


If you’re beginning your journey and still want to learn the fundamentals, W3Schools could be very beneficial. There are HTML, CSS, JS, BootStrap and XML tutorials on the site. The tutorials are written in a simple, non-technical language to ensure that those with no programming knowledge can comprehend. The subjects are further enriched by easy tasks encouraging the reader to apply their knowledge.


Udemy is a large school that offers classes in various fields, including music, health programming, and photography.

Most Udemy courses are priced at a premium. However, there are some free courses, which are decent to get to the basics. The filtering system allows you to locate the type that you’re seeking.

The topics of the free courses and levels differ significantly in the range of HTML5, CSS3, and Angular JS courses, to PHP and MySQL-based construction.

Udemy is an excellent choice for busy people because they offer unlimited access. That means you can access the course various times and return to where you left the system the next time. However, this doesn’t diminish the need to learn that you could learn the art of web development for years and then put it off for a while.

Additionally, every course you take on Udemy includes a certificate of completion in your online resume, such as the LinkedIn profile.


Alison is a different training platform, offering courses ranging from lifestyle and language to web design. The website’s owners believe that free education is the basis of development; therefore, all classes are free.

If you do require an official certificate, you’ll need to purchase it.

There are three primary levels of courses to select from. Students can also choose classes based on their subject matter, such as workplace, academic, and personal growth.

The course materials mainly comprise videos and audio classes to make learning more engaging. The topics of the web development course contain CSS3, HTML5 and JS and Node, Angular, and more.

Alison will also encourage students to make the best use of the materials. Which is why numerous assessments are graded throughout the course. Additionally, for a student to qualify as a successful course graduate. And obtain a formal certificate, one must attain an average mark of 80%.


The new Boston is a must for those who like video lessons. The channel is on YouTube, offering numerous video classes on HTML, CSS, PHP, Node JS, Python, and many other frameworks and languages.

However, one must note that the videos on the channel are aimed at beginners and tend to be introductory.

The videos are brief, typically 3-10 minutes answering a specific topic or question, for example, installing and building code blocks, running the code, etc.


EdX is an excellent option for those who attended college. But are always tempted to give the graduate school a go. It’s the closest thing you could be to taking an online development program on campus.

If you’re seeking an academically-based course in web development, EdX is the best choice. Edx offers degree- and non-degree programs from renowned universities like MIT, UC Berkeley, Harvard University, Sorbonne, and many more.

EdX courses offer a complete classroom experience. They include the university syllabus and the assignments examinations, tests, and assignments.

Each course description is filled with details about the course. Including the length, the average effort of the study, the topic, the language and the institution offering the system, etc.

Several sought-after web-based training courses for developers are called the Ruby on Rails program at the University of California.

The program comprises two courses lasting six weeks and dives into Agile development basics based on Ruby on Rails.

Here’s the catch when using edX: searching for free courses. You can certainly take any course offered by edX as an auditor and pass the tests. However, you’ll need to pay the entire course cost for a certificate or certificate of completion.


I forgot to ask you a critical question. Why are you trying to learn about web development on the internet? Are you looking to make a living from it, or are you simply trying to create a website for your blog or business?

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