8 Steps to Write a Fascinating Book by Book Writing Lane

 8 Steps to Write a Fascinating Book by Book Writing Lane

Many people dream of becoming an author by having books published under their name. Although writing a book seems daunting at first, but it’s just the start that seems intimidating. Once you make a strategy and start working on it, everything aligns and falls into their respective places. Just don’t let this fear take your passion away from you.

This blog will discuss some book writing steps by Book Writing Lane that will help you breathe life into the writer that lives within you.

8 Steps to Write an Amazing Book

The steps and tips discussed below will help you unleash your creativity and enhance your writing skills:

1.      Discovery of the Big Idea

The initial and the most vital step to writing a book is to come up with a killer idea. Without the big idea, you will not even get past the first page of your first-ever book. If you are not sure how to discover your big idea, answer the questions below, and you will definitely find an idea:

  • What am I writing for? What’s the purpose behind it?
  • Will it create an impact on the reader?
  • Is it important to write on this topic?
  • Will the idea excite the audience?
  • Who will be the target audience?
  • Will I be able to execute this idea effectively?

Once you have answered the above questions, you will be able to find a topic to write on. For example, if you have different ideas and you are not sure of the one that would be best for execution, this Q/A method will undoubtedly help you.

2.      Research is the Key!

Conduct thorough market research. Find out the books that are from the same genre as yours and are doing good amongst the readers. Look for the best-sellers. Read them and learn what’s the reason behind all the hype. After that, search for ways to set your book apart from these books.

3.      Form an Outline Before Writing

Prior to writing, you need a blueprint to rely upon in case you get stuck at any certain point. Choose a writing format that best suits you. Form a powerful outline with clearly defined beginning, middle, and ending points. This will help you work in an organized manner and not miss any important points. Furthermore, pinpoint the conflict points, and have a good grip on those points to work them out smartly throughout the book.

4.      Initiate the Writing Process

Starting is important. It needs to be strong. Begin the writing process carefully. Be extra cautious when writing the first few pages. These pages will decide the future of your book. If your book manages to hold the attention of the reader in the first few pages, it will render your book a page-turner.

5.      Set Goals for Word Count & Time

Set a time for the completion of your book. Once you have set a duration, now divide the word count load into days. For beginner-level writers, the recommended word count is 500-750 words per day.

6.      Arrange a Peaceful & Prolific Space

When writing for your book, you will need a silent, neat, peaceful, and non-distracting atmosphere. This will allow you to focus on the book and enhance productivity.

7.      Self-Motivation is Crucial

There will be times when you will find it complex to finish your book. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, the following two tips will help you keep yourself motivated:

  1. List down the reasons why you want to write a book
  2. Reward yourself on achieving important milestones

8.      Proofread and Edit the Draft

After the completion of the writing process, proofread the work. However, if you are new at book writing, you should get your book draft proofread and edited by specialists.

Last Words

Once you are done with all the steps discussed above, your work will be publish-ready. Get it published under your name and make your lifelong dream come true. Promote your book to the target readers and distribute your work. Good luck!


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