8 Tips to Help Your Pup Grow Strong and Healthy

 8 Tips to Help Your Pup Grow Strong and Healthy

Puppies make excellent pets, do not forget that they are delicate, unlike older dogs. You will have to pay attention to their health and diet if you want them to grow strong. It all comes down to what you feed them (eg. raw dog food) and how you balance their physical health. The following are six tips to help your pup grow strong and healthy.

1. Raw Feed Your Puppy

You might have heard that puppies need to have a cooked food diet, but if you do so, you will be doing your cute puppy a great disservice. Raw food is the best option for your puppy because they are not mature enough to process cooked food. When a puppy eats raw meat, cut it into smaller particles that are easier to digest. Additionally, you can google search for a raw dog food company in your area and check out what they offer for your pup. 

2. Know How Much You Should Feed the Pup

Puppies have smaller stomachs. They cannot eat as much food at one time as an adult dog. It is excellent to feed them two or three times a day; just make sure you know how much you should feed your puppy based on its size, age, and activity level. If you notice that your puppy is putting on some pounds too quickly, reduce the food, but always make sure that they get enough to grow up healthy.

3. Plan an Exercise Routine for the Pup

A puppy will require regular exercise for their bodies to grow strong and healthy. They have the energy to play all the time. If you do not want them breaking things, go out and try to teach them how to play catch. If you do not have time for that, perhaps consider getting a puppy playpen so they can run around while you are away.

4. Visit the Vet

It would help if you took your puppy to the vet regularly so that it could be examined and receive a checkup. You want to make sure that they are healthy and happy, including regular vaccinations. The process will also help you keep track of their growth and age.

5. Know When Your Puppy Needs a Bath

If you do not have time for baths, you can purchase a dog shampoo which is easy to use whenever you don’t have the time to bathe. Puppies can become dirty quickly, so a quick bath is essential to keep them fresh and pest free.

6. Mentor Your Puppy

The best way to stay connected with your puppy is by keeping it involved in regular activities. These activities will allow you to see how it is growing. Also, you can set up a training program for the puppy that will allow it to be taught simple things. Mentorship also helps prevent it from getting into trouble as an adult dog.

7. Do More Research About the Breed of Your Puppy

It would help if you visited different breed clubs or read up on the publications and blogs of previous owners who have dogs of this breed. This will allow you to know more about your puppy. You can also opt to buy a book on the subject; it might help show how your puppy should act.

8. Pay Attention to Your Puppy’s Stool

If your puppy’s stool suddenly becomes liquid or soft, you will have to bring it to the vet for a checkup. If it appears that the puppy has eaten something unknown, there is a chance that a worm might be the issue.

Puppies can be difficult to handle because they do not understand what you are trying to teach them yet. It would help if you kept drilling them until they finally followed simple commands.

Bonus: Sign Up For Formal Training

While many people do not have time to take their puppy to a training school, it would be extremely beneficial for your pup to get the proper training they need to be more than just a best friend. Your pup can be trained to follow commands, complete specific tasks, and even get certified for emotional support or service. Most programs can work around your schedule and find the best fit for your pup’s needs, so consider searching for trainers in your area.

Closing Thought

You must ensure your puppy grows up healthy, which means you will have to do your homework and learn to give proper care. Each puppy is different, so figure out what works for your puppy and stick with the program.


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