8 tips to sell more on Black Friday

Black Friday is approaching, and if you are an online store owner , you should already be planning for the date in order to sell more on Black Friday. After all, it is an event that greatly mobilizes the American consumer, who, on Black Friday 2021, spent $8.9 billion on online purchases . In addition, it is worth noting that with the Covid-19 pandemic, the trend is for the number of online purchases to increase exponentially compared to recent years.

8 tips to sell more on Black Friday

Black Friday 2022 takes place on the 25th of November . So it’s time to start planning to ensure success in sales. Let’s look at some strategies that can help you in this task.

use apps

Mobile apps are one of the newest e-commerce trends. And their popularity makes sense. These applications are very practical, allowing consumers to make their purchases even if they do not have a desktop device nearby.

There are many ways to use sales apps to improve your bottom line as a brand. You can create an app for your store, for example. Or, if you sell something that can be marketed on specific apps, like food, which can be sold through Swiggy or Uber Eats. It is a good idea to join these spaces. So you can enjoy all the shopping that will take place on Black Friday.

Run an email marketing campaign

sell more on black friday

Email marketing is one of the best communication channels to reach the consumer. This is because it establishes a direct and very personal communication when addressing the user in a private environment.

Because of this, email marketing has one of the best ROI rates (return over investment) in digital marketing. It is a great tool to prepare your customers for your Black Friday deals.

For this, the ideal is to make a campaign that contains multiple emails. Thus, by sending an email a week a month in advance, you will build a sense of expectation in the user , who when Black Friday arrives, will be ready to enter your website and make a purchase.

Boost your offers on social media

When it’s closer to the date, a good way to grab users’ attention is to post about your offers on social media such as Facebook and Instagram and boost posts . With this, you can reach a pre-established audience that you think will be more interested in your products.

prepare your stock

It is essential to have an idea of ​​how many products you expect to sell on Black Friday so that you can plan your inventory according to the statistics. Negotiate with your supplier and ensure you have a stock of products on hand to handle the extra demand. If your products sell out too fast, it is likely that many users will be frustrated, which will cause you to lose sales.

In this year 2022, thorough analysis of stock is a must, given that the pandemic should further increase the flow of online shopping.

According to data obtained by monitoring the companies, online sales during Black Friday tend to increase by 10% and the number of orders grew by 14%, going from 3.3 million to 3.76 million. This reinforces the idea that the pandemic is changing the way we produce, consume and capitalize. Because of these data, it is important to have a general analysis of the current moment so that you can sell more on Black Friday.

Do not offer fake discounts

Another important side is being faithful to the Black Friday concept and adopting promotions that are relevant to the customer’s pocket. Many companies, when approaching the date of Black Friday, increase the prices of products and then put the normal value. So she can say that prices have gone down.

This type of attitude is unethical, immoral and, as a result, the company ends up losing credibility in the market and the trust of customers. This loss can generate even more impact, given that the company not only loses loyal customers, but also prospects and potential qualified leads.

Analyze the most desired products

Millions of consumers wait for this exact time of year to buy the products they want most in anticipation of a significant promotion. The mistake that many merchants make on this occasion is to take advantage of Black Friday to move the stock of products without demand.

In addition to losing an exorbitant number of sales, the merchant still loses the chance to retain new customers for his business. Products that do not have demand will remain in stock and products with high demand will be sold…at another establishment.

Design your campaign early and carefully

The less campaign time on the air, the less chances of reaching an ideal audience level for your business. Since Black Friday is a scheduled date every year, it is easy to plan ahead so that the marketing and attraction campaign is well carried out .

To do this, start with market research, analyze the needs of your stock and the desires of your customers and potential consumers of your brand. This study helps you better prepare so you can sell more on Black Friday.

Hire a digital marketing agency to plan

If you intend to sell more on Black Friday , a good idea is to invest in digital marketing through an agency that can manage this for your brand. In this way, your business will grow on the internet and get many more sales.

In this case, count on expert help from a digital marketing agency, Blogger Cage. The company’s team has highly efficient professionals specialized in digital marketing, who are prepared to give you all the support you need and will make you sell more on Black Friday. Contact the agency and make your budget!

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