8 Ways to Increase Twitter Followers 

 8 Ways to Increase Twitter Followers 

Although there are tools, some very good ones, to get followers on twitter more or less quickly, in this infographic I focus on eight real ways to increase the number of followers without tricks or practices of doubtful taste.

Although it is a slower formula and requires more effort, it is an infallible technique in that it allows us to increase the number of followers as we work to improve our Twitter profile.

How to buy followers on Twitter

The number of followers on Twitter is one of the elements that, by caressing the ego of users, has received excessive importance as data. 

It is no secret that several services offer the purchase of followers on different social networks and that several communication agencies sell their clients the tempting option of seeing their number of followers gain weight in a few days at the cost of euros.

Mauro Fuentes, director of Social@Ogilvy in Spain, affirms that comprar seguidores no Twitter was a common practice among other companies in the sector until the arrival of the advertising platform in Spain. 

This has led to managing “sponsored profiles”, which is a more ethical way to grow an account.

The offers range from 1,000 followers for 20 dollars (about 15 euros), up to 10,000 for 160 dollars (about 123 euros), for example, offered by Rupy, which ensures that they are “real profiles”. 

Before, the purchased followers were identifiable because they were newly created profiles, without content and known as “eggs”, since they kept the image that Twitter puts by default to its new users as an avatar. 

The system has become more sophisticated lately and now these ‘robot’ users have a more real look, they tweet and sometimes even reply to other profiles. And you can buy likes for posts here too: curtidas para Twitter

The purchased followers are not only a number but also corrupt the genuine conversation on Twitter, making the account unusable and revealing itself as a front. 

For this reason, the purchase of followers has also been used to damage the reputation or troll other people who were bought followers without their knowledge. 

Something similar happened to Fuentes: “I was never sure, but one night they sneaked me 800 eggs until I put the padlock on my account. But profiles similar to mine included about 5,000”.

I leave you the infographic with 8 ways to increase the number of followers:

Infographic: steps to increase the number of followers

1. Contact your friends and acquaintances

Use social networks to let friends and acquaintances know that you have a Twitter account, so it won’t take long to release the number of followers.

2. Use the Twitter search engine

Use it to find people with your same interests in the vastness of the social network. They are likely to follow you back if you talk about the same topics.

3. Use hashtags in your tweets

Use tags on your tweets that you tweet about to make it easier for them to find you.

4. Interact with other users

Mention other users, retweet, mark other people’s tweets as favorites and talk to them. Participate in the conversation and let yourself be seen.

If you haven’t tweeted for several weeks, you will give the image that you have abandoned your account and potential followers will not follow you.

6. Include your Twitter profile everywhere

Share your Twitter profile on other social networks, such as Facebook or LinkedIn; also in the signature of your emails and even in the status of WhatsApp.

7. Follow those who follow other users

You have more chances of having a follow back if you follow users who tend to increase the number of people they follow.

8. Create and share quality content

Actually here is the crux of the matter: in the content you share on your Twitter profile. That will definitely bring you new followers: the value of your tweets.

And, if you have been following these eight points for a while on Twitter with little success, take a look at this other infographic in which they include eight reasons why your account is not attractive to users and they are preventing you from increasing the number of followers.

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