9 Memorable Going Away Gift Ideas for Friends

 9 Memorable Going Away Gift Ideas for Friends

A going away gift is a thoughtful gesture to let someone know you care about them. That you want the best for them and are happy for them as they embark on their new adventure in life. The following list of 12 awesome going away gift ideas for friends will help show your appreciation in this meaningful way.

Snap more memories:

Your friend is about to embark on an exciting journey and what better gift to give them than the means to capture even more memories? Buy an extra digital camera, camera or camcorder. You could even give them a gift card for their favorite electronics store.

From sweet:

Sweets are the best and who doesn’t enjoy a little something sweet from time to time? Give them a gift basket filled with delicious treats to say thanks and farewell. A candy bouquet is another nice idea.

You’re one in a million:

Everyone has that special someone they can always count on.

Support their dreams:

Encourage your friend as they begin a new life chapter. Give them a gift certificate for things they will need such as a new computer to get started on their new career, or an airline gift card to start their new adventure.

If you were my brother:

Give them something that will go with them on their journey for years to come. Look for high quality travel gear that will last the distance and keep them looking good. A leather duffle bag is the perfect option, it can be used for many years to come and it will get better looking over time.

 Gifting comfort:

Give them a home away from home. A multi-night stay at a hotel is a great choice. It’s a way to spend some time with them and give them some alone time, but you can also get some work done while they’re away. Get fantastic farewell gifts ideas for your friends and coworkers.

For the traveller:

Sometimes you need something that is small and light to travel with yet it packs a punch in comfort and style. Look for stylish travel accessories this holiday season that will make your traveling friend happy and keep them organized as they go on their new journey.

You’ll see me again:

A farewell gift…from the person who was there for you for years. This gift shows your appreciation for their friendship (and of course, their loyalty).

Light up their life:

Handmade lampshades

A pottery or earthenware dish

A tote bag or cozy slippers

Homemade lavender lotion

Homemade soap in a jar

Gorgeous flowers arrangement

Leather bound journal with favorite quotations inside and on the outside cover.

Lighten up their day:

                 Batteries not included backpack. We all know how good a gift it is to have someone carrying your laptop while you run errands this holiday season.

Put a smile on their face from a distance:

An inspirational journal

Foldable or colorful paper (doodling is great activity)

Give them a spa treatment:

A bottle of their favorite bath oil

A home spa kit complete with masks, warmers, sponges and soaps.          It’s a perfect last minute gift since it comes in a box. And then once you open it, you can put everything on the table to be used for your gift for the next recipient!

Gift wrapping: Don’t forget to use an attractive bow above the present or wrap it up into one simple present. There are many different kinds of bows that one can choose from to add on that extra little something to make your presentation more appealing.

Organisation is key:

A monthly planner

It’s easy to lose track of your schedule during the year. Organise it in a way that fits your busy schedule.

Stress-free Christmas cards: It’s easier to find the time to write a personal note or send out cards when you’ve picked up some time for yourself and won’t feel guilty about not keeping track of everyone.

Do not forget to pack gift bags for everyone that will most likely never be opened. This is a great gift to let someone know you are thinking of them and don’t forget them.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend:

A friendly reminder card in the form of a bottle of champagne.

Jewellery, bracelets and more.

Dog earrings .  A nice token of love.

A customized plant which can be nurtured by the person to whom it is being given and will grow over time to welcome that person with its beautiful blooms for all season long.

A home spa kit complete with masks, warmers, sponges and soaps. It’s a perfect last minute gift since it comes in a box.

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