9 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner

 9 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Nobody likes dirty carpets in their house. Probably you have a question in your mind, why you should spend money on professional carpet cleaning. Indeed, keeping your carpets clean needs more than just vacuuming and steam cleaning. Do you really want to spend your time and money when a professional can do it better?   

Advantages of Carpet Cleaning  

Do you know that untreated carpets can lead to health hazards and damage the structure of your house? Please call professionals if you are a victim of water damage. Today, we are going to tell you the 9 benefits of professional cleanings.   

1. Extends the Life of Your Carpet  

Dirt, dust, other debris accumulates in the carpet and embeds with the fibre. A normal blower cannot remove all the dirt. It causes the fibre to split and deteriorate. Water Damage Carpet cleaning services can remove these and extend the life of your rugs.   

2. Healthier Environment  

Dirty carpets are the source of mould, bacteria, and virus growth. They find their way into the breathing air and cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions and other severe health issues.   

3. Dirt and Bacteria Removal  

A vacuum removes the surface dust, but it cannot remove the embedded dirt, which needs professional treatment. Otherwise, your rugs will deteriorate further and create odours making indoor air circulation difficult.   

4. Eliminates Stains  

Do not pour any solution directly over the rugs. Implement special hot water extraction techniques to eliminate all stains, spots from the rough rugs. This technique is highly effective against coffee spills, pet stains, ink, red wine and many other stains.  

5. Reduces Foot Traffic Effects  

Carpets in the kitchen, balcony and living rooms receive excessive foot traffic that deteriorates the quality much faster. You may have noticed dark spots due to water damage. Indeed, if you cannot hire professional care, it may lead to mould  and fungus growth.    

6. Enhances the Overall Appearance  

Beautiful carpets enhance the aesthetics of the room. Many people do not care about the rugs and do not clean them. It is injurious to health and can destroy the structure of the house.    

7. Carpets Water Extraction  

Professionals not only remove the dirt but also extract the water to prevent mould growth. Pipe leaks, seepages, appliances malfunctions can damage the carpets. Moreover, it can cause serious health issues for kids and pets. You should treat the water damage carpets very seriously.  

8. Gray and Black Water Cleaning  

Sewage, bathtub overflow, toilet pipe leakages are the source of black and grey water. It contains toxins, viruses and chemical compounds and needs a quick response. If your rugs are damaged by black or grey water, please call a professional for carpet cleaning services. If you neglect, it may lead to serious damage to carpets as well as the structure of your house.   

9. Sticky Residue Removal 

Lastly, getting rid of the sticky residue is very challenging. No DIY solutions can clean this properly. It may seem like they have been removed, but they reappear in a few days because the sticky residues like gum, tape or adhesive attract dirt on the carpet.  

Most of the cleaners cannot remove the residues. You need industry-grade equipment to restore rugs as they were before the damage. That is why you need professional services. 

Call Our Professionals   

We understand the texture, types of stains and dirt, fibre quality and conditions of the rugs. After analyzing all these details, we set a plan to restore the rugs. We will implement several techniques and restore your carpets to their original states.  

If you need professional carpet cleaning services, please feel free to call Flood Restoration Melbourne experts. We are one call away. Call us, and we will be there at your doorstep within an hour. 



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