9 Ways Locksmith Services Will Make Your Home Safer

There are a number of locksmith services that can make your home safer. One is to install high-security locks on all your doors. This will help to deter burglars and other criminals from being able to easily enter your home. Another service is to create duplicate keys for all your doors. This way, if you lose a key, you will still be able to get into your home. Finally, you can also ask a locksmith to install a security system in your home. This will help to protect you and your family from intruders.

These are only some of the most effective services but there’s a lot more a locksmith can do to help you keep your home safe. Here’s a list of nine locksmith services all provided by your local locksmith at affordable prices;

1. Electronic Home Security Systems

To stay ahead, you have to use the latest residential security systems that burglars have not worked an angle on. Some of the best recommended electronic home security systems in the market are listed below.

2. Keyless Electronic lock systems

The keyless electronic lock system uses a numerical code to access your property.

Some benefits of using the keyless electronic lock systems include convenience, a higher security level, enhanced durability, and ease of installation and maintenance.

A combination of both keyless electronic doors, as well as regular locks, is a cost-effective way to improve home security as long as the systems are installed by a trusted locksmith.  

3. Burglar alarm systems and alarm monitoring

A burglar alarm system has various electrical components connected to the home. They can detect any movement through sensors and generate a loud alarm alerting those nearby.

Burglar alarm systems include wireless burglar alarms that use battery-powered sensors. If triggered, they will communicate with a control panel through radio signals.

Another type is the bells-only burglar alarm. Whenever triggered, the alarm system will produce a loud voice scaring off any intruder.

4. Security cameras CCTV security

CCTV is a system that uses video cameras to monitor both the inside and outside of your property. Security can become much enhanced with the use of security cameras deterring criminal activities, reducing property insurance costs, peace of mind for property owners, and a cost-effective security option.

Security camera technology is simple to use and cost-effective to maintain.

5. Intercoms and access control

Installing intercoms and access control for your house requires a registered security company that you can trust. Ensure that the installation company is appropriately licensed.

There are several types of intercoms and access control such as audio or video intercoms that enable 2-way communication from your gate to your home. IP intercoms are internet-connected and can send notifications to your phone.

Some opt for intercoms with access control. These types of intercoms allow you to access control through an app on your phone even when you are not at home.

For those who prefer traditional security measures, you can consider alternative measures that are equally effective at protecting your property.

6. Security Locks Fitted to your Residential Needs    

There are a variety of high-grade traditional security locks that you can have fitted in your home. One type is the five lever mortice deadlock for wooden doors.

Other types are:

  • The multi-point locking system that operates on any door
  • The automatic rim deadlatch with a key-locking handle
  • The composite door or uPVC euro-cylinder lock 

7. Window bars and locks

Also known as burglar bars, window bars are metal grills bolted to offer protection on access points. A locksmith can ensure installation using different types of window bars, based on your preference.

In the market, you can find permanent security bars, removable bars, and swing-away security bars that come with a lock and hinge allowing the bars to swing away from the window.

8. Garage and patio door locks

Most burglars target garage and patio doors. Installing a heavy-duty garage door lock will help keep the burglars away. When considering purchasing a garage door lock, look out for its security level, type of door, durability, accessories, and ease of installation.

As for the patio door, try adding blocking bars, security pins, and a shatterproof film that will block burglars from accessing your property with ease. Upgrade your latches so that the door is more secure.

9. Home security safety inspection and advice

It is paramount to carry out a home security safety inspection as it will help you identify any structural or mechanical issues within your property. Seeking residential locksmith advice will help you understand the level of security within your property.

Prime property owners are advised to have a home alarm system, motion-activated security lights, and security glass protection film. Liaising with a professional locksmith service goes a long way to save you from cumulative costs or extreme damages that demand the complete replacement of security protocols.

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