A Basic Guide To Power BI Knowledge Base

 A Basic Guide To Power BI Knowledge Base

Whether you are running a small business or have witnessed big-scale growth, without proper management, further development cannot be ensured. Being able to come up with quick solutions, make them easily understandable and convey the right message to your employees is quite important. 

This will not only allow your staff to understand the company’s goals better but also improve productivity and efficiency. One of the best ways to do that yet is to opt for software like Power Bl.

In simpler terms, Power Bi is a data visualization and business intelligence tool that allows data to be converted from several sources into analysis reports and an intuitive dashboard. This further makes the information presented quite understandable and, in turn, makes business processes smoother and more efficient. 

However, if you are new to this software, you might not know what makes it so unique. Further mentioned here are some of the fundamental reasons why Power Bi has become an essential tool for businesses all around the world. 

Why Use Power Bi?

The best feature of Power BI is that it gathers complex data from a variety of sources and transforms it into interactive and comprehensive data. However, that is not where things end. There are a lot of other instances in which a platform like Power BI can come in handy. Some features that make it the best business intelligence software in the market are:

  1. Pre-built reports and dashboards for SaaS solutions
  2. Reliable and secure correlation to the original data sources
  3. It shows live dashboard updates
  4. Allows you to search through data with Natural Language Query
  5. Offers hybrid configuration, quick deployment, and a safe environment
  6. Dashboard visualization features keep updating with the requirements of the community

Various Types Of Power BI Tools

Now that you know some of the features that make Power Bi great, you should know about the various Power Bi tools you might find. 

Power BI Desktop

This is the main publishing and authoring tool used for Power BI. Power users and developers alike use this version to develop new reports and models from scratch. This tool comes free of any cost. 

Power BI Service

SaaS, or online Software as a Service, is when the same thing the desktop version does, happens on the cloud. This means all creation of reports, data models, sharing, and administration is done on the cloud. However, you will have to pay a subscription fee of $10 every month for this. 

Power BI Report Server

This server can hold all paginated reports, mobile reports, KPIs, and desktop reports. It gets updated every four months and is managed by an IT team. You can customize your reports here. 

Power BI Data Gateway

As the name suggests, this works as the bridge between on-premise data sources like Import or DirectQuery and the Power BI knowledge base service. You have to get this installed by a professional BI Admin. 

Power Bi Mobile App

The application for Power Bi is available on Android, iOS, and Windows. You can use Microsoft Intune to manage this. The tool helps you view dashboards and reports on the Power BI SaaS. 

Hopefully, the information present in this blog has been able to enhance your Power Bl knowledge base. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg, and there is a lot more you will need to know before you can start using Power Bi to its fullest potential. 

If you are looking to learn more about this software, Enterprise DNA has got you covered. They have great blogs on Power BI, explaining each feature and function of the software. 

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