A Blog About Wholewheat Pav Bun Recipe

 A Blog About Wholewheat Pav Bun Recipe

Wholewheat pav is a nutritious and healthy bread. It contains more fibre than other breads and it is also free of preservatives.

Wholewheat pav is a traditional Indian bread. It is made from wholewheat flour, yeast, sugar and water. Wholewheat pav is a staple food for people living in South Asia, especially India.

In the past, wholewheat pav was eaten as a breakfast item or as a snack. Nowadays, it has become popular as an evening snack too because of the high nutritional value that it offers.

Mumbaikars are crazy about their pav, the special Mumbai-style pav that come stuffed with various fillings and are eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are variations and combinations of pavs, with different regions and pockets of the city having their own favourites.

No matter where you go in Mumbai, you’re almost certain to find a good wholewheat pav restaurant. Wholewheat flour is already considered the superior choice of flour for making wholewheat pav buns, as it contains more protein and other essential nutrients, such as fibre, than its white equivalent.

The protein and fibre, in turn, make for a more nutritious bun that is lower in calories and improves the health of those who eat it.

That is why certain bakeries, even those that specialize in bread, opt to use wholewheat flour for making pavs instead of using white flour. However, with this comes the challenge of replicating the same taste and texture as the conventional ones.

You may have heard of the health benefits of whole grains. Whole grains provide more fiber and nutrients to the body than their refined counterparts, helping to keep you fuller for longer.

Studies have shown that eating whole grains can also reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.They are also a good source of B vitamins and other minerals, such as iron and calcium.

We use our own culture to ferment our wholewheat sourdough pavs, meaning our bread is deliciously and healthily fermented. We pay attention to each batch to make sure each one is special and perfect.

We like to think of our wholewheat pav as the mother of all bread. It’s been made the same way for years, using our in-house culture to make a beautiful, flavourful loaf. We pay close attention to each batch, ensuring that every one is raised, baked and packaged perfectly. We think it’s the only way to make a classic.

These wholewheat Pav Buns, also known as Ladhi Pav, are a great and healthy alternative to store bought versions. They are also a great way to use up all those leftover ingredients in your pantry. They are made using instant yeast, milk, butter and honey, and can be ready in a few hours. They are great as a light meal or as a packed lunch.

Wholewheat Pav buns are famed for their softness and are one of the most favoured breads in Indian cuisine. They are often served as Pav Bhaji and Pav Paratha, and are even used to make different types of sandwiches, like the ladi pav.  They are a quick and easy bread to make at home, and are a great way to use up leftover or stale bread. The only thing you will need to get started is some milk, butter and honey. 

The pav is a popular Indian street food made from flour, water, salt and oil. The pav can be prepared in many different ways, but the most common way is the lentil flour version. The lentil flour version of the pav is also very healthy as it is loaded with protein and fiber. 

You can also make the pav from whole wheat flour, but the texture will be different as the whole wheat flour is heavier. How to Make Wholewheat Pav at Home. This is a wholewheat pav recipe that is quick and easy to make. It’s made with wholemeal flour, sugar, oil, salt, baking powder and curd.


– 1 cup of wholemeal flour

– 1/4 cup sugar

– 1/2 tsp salt

– 1 tsp baking powder

– 1/4 tsp baking soda

– 2 tbsp oil or melted butter or ghee (clarified butter)

– 3 tbsp curd (yogurt)

  • Connect the dough hook to the stand mixer and add the flour, yeast, honey, salt, butter, and milk to the bowl of the stand mixer to make preparations the Homemade Whole Wheat Pav Recipe.
  • Knead the wholewheat pav bun dough until it comes together with all of the ingredients. If necessary, add a little water to help it come together.
  • Knead for another ten min once it clumps together, then place the ladi pav dough in a grease basin. Allow the ladi pav dough to rise in a sealed container (about 2 hours)
  • Make 6 round smooth balls after the first rise and set them in a baking pan with side rims. Allow the ladi pav dough to rise for a second time for 1 hour, covered with a lid or a cloth.
  • Combine honey and milk in a small mixing bowl and stir thoroughly.
  • Brush the honey milk mixture over the ladi pav buns once they have risen.
  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and bake the ladi pav for 20 to 30 minutes, or until a lovely brown crust forms on top.
  • Remove the ladi pav buns from the oven once done and let aside to cool completely. When you’re finished, you can use the ladi pav.
  • Serve the homemade Wholewheat Pav with Pav Bhaji.

The best part about these Wheat Ladi Pav Recipe is that you can customize them to your liking. Just add Italian seasoning, garlic-herb seasoning, or any herb of your choice to the dough to make flavored pavs or buns. The options are endless! You can even use your favorite pizza or pasta sauce instead of the tomato sauce for a quick wholewheat pav pizza. It’s so easy and fun to make healthy and delicious wholewheat pav at home. 

It’s such a great way to customize your favorite dishes and save money at the same time. This healthy wholewheat pav is a much healthier version that’s still just as delicious.   

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