A Comprehensive Guide on PEEK Plastic Properties and Application

PEEK rod

In some industries, it is common to work with polyetheretherketone or PEEK plastics. This material can withstand severe environments and conditions. It is also resistant to many chemicals and can perform well in harsh temperatures. It will keep its stiffness even with the most stringent forces. If your company uses PEEK products such as PEEK rods, you have to understand more about the material, including its composition and many benefits. You can then process it correctly while maintaining safety and effectiveness. 

PEEK Properties

PEEK is a type of semi-crystalline plastic. It has a highly stable chemical structure. It is also strong and stiff and resists chemicals and high temperatures. It can withstand up to 338 degrees Fahrenheit. Another feature to like about PEEK is that it is hydrolysis-resistant and radiation-resistant. It can also stand up to hot steam and boiling water. Other benefits include the following:

  • Has low moisture absorption
  • Has a low coefficient of linear thermal expansion
  • Maintains stability at elevated temperatures
  • Has low toxic gas and smoke emissions
  • Is easy to fabricate
  • Is lightweight and inert
  • Will resist cracking and fatigue

PEEK Applications

If your industry operates with high temperatures and uses chemicals, PEEK products, including PEEK rods, can be a good choice. PEEK rod suppliers can provide this material for you if you need something that is strong and durable. Certain industries more commonly use this plastic. These include the nuclear, oil and gas, and aerospace industries. Medical and pharmaceutical businesses, as well as food processors, use PEEK, too. 

Where PEEK May Be Useful

You will find PEEK products, including PEEK rods, in a variety of parts and components. Typically, machinists work with the plastic material in machinery and equipment parts. You can also use PEEK to make rings and seals, bushing and bearings, and biodiesel filters. Instrument parts and some electrical components also use PEEK. 

Different Grades of PEEK

This plastic comes in different grades. Unfilled virgin is common. This variety is resistant to abrasions. It is the strongest type of PEEK and has excellent elongation. You can also choose products from PEEK plastic suppliers to get carbon-reinforced plastics. This option has better thermal conductivity and a lower rate of expansion. Graphite-reinforced-grade PEEK is also available. This is a good choice if you are looking for something with low fiction. Another possibility is PEEK with 30% glass-fibre and 30% glass-filled. 

Explore the Benefits of PEEK

Now that you can see how PEEK can help your business, get in touch with one of the top PEEK plastic suppliers. Call the helpful team of a plastics supplier today so you can take advantage of this material for your operations. 

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