A Guide To Getting Rich In OSRS

 A Guide To Getting Rich In OSRS

Players of the original Version of RuneScape were thrilled when they learned it would soon be servers specifically designed for this type of game. Even though this was announced a few years ago, many players are just beginning to get into OSRS. This being the case, there are plenty of tricks and tips in the world of earning money in Old School RuneScape. It is essential to know these strategies to maximize your gaming experience.

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Mining is considered a noble occupation that is profitable in the game RuneScape. When you first begin playing, you’ll only be capable of mining iron, coal and steel. But, these ores could be bought for a decent amount after turning these into bars.

As you progress and become more advanced, you’ll be capable of mining reunite, earning you more. Be sure to make use of the mining potion when you play. This will allow you to earn higher payouts with less effort.


Fishing is conducted on the same path as mining; however, you don’t have to go around to find another place to get the most from your product. Fish will usually be fully valued once you’ve caught your fish.

Of course, it will require some time to become a lucrative fish in the water. However, this should be expected, and earning money requires time. Before you know that, you’re selling sharks for lots of cash.

Clue Scrolls

Clued scrolls aren’t always easy to find, and you should be aware of this. This is because it may take some time to locate them, but they take about 30 minutes for each scroll. All you can accomplish is take out random NPCs and wait for things to pan out.

If a scroll falls on it, you must be sure to follow it and do what it says. If you follow this advice and follow the instructions, you’ll be rewarded with OSRS gold, which can make your efforts worth it.

Sell In Bulk

It is possible to turn what you’re doing into money by selling in huge quantities. Of course, it depends on whether or not you prefer to interact with other participants. In this case, it doesn’t matter which the majority collection of items is because there are always those who would like to purchase it without effort. It is possible to upsell your merchandise and earn handsome profits.

But you need to realize that many people attempt to cut off the cost when they purchase in bulk, and you need to do the calculation. A loss of 100 grams of gold is not in any way to be considered a major loss; however, if you lose 5K per sale, it will increase. Be sure to ensure that the work you are doing is profitable.


Flipping refers to buying something, whether a single item or bulk purchase, to sell it at a profit. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to check out the price guides on the internet to find out how specific products perform in various realms. You’ll need to purchase it reasonably from one location and sell it for more in another.

Slaying Flesh Crawlers

This technique is ideal for those who wish to earn money and kill things simultaneously. Flesh Crawlers can drop valuable items like runes and herbs at a reasonable selling price. In the long run, it is unlikely to bring you millions of dollars; however, it can help you keep from the boredom of grinding away at another thing. It’s also a good option when you want to make a profit.


Fletching is a great method to earn money in OSRS and is among the skills you don’t need to learn to reap the maximum benefit. To begin earning money, you’ll require feathers in bulk as well as oak logs. This will allow you to create an inexpensive arrow in the shape of an arrow with no head. Then, you can sell the arrows that are headless at an affordable price, so you can make profits and begin your process all over again.

Picking Potatoes

Of all the options you can make profits with OSRS, picking potatoes will be the least appealing among them all. If you stay for a long time, it is possible to earn a decent amount of money. If you buy potatoes for an entire hour and then sell the potatoes as you go, you’ll likely earn about 30k. You’ll make more if you keep going for longer and sell more.

Of course, this isn’t the most glamorous way of earning money. But, it’s something that everyone will be competent to perform. So, those who are just new to the game can earn money they require to buy the things they need and improve their game to become more lucrative money-making opportunities.

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