A Guide to Purchasing Paintball Gear

 A Guide to Purchasing Paintball Gear

Did you know that the first paintball competition was held in 1981 in New Hampshire? It was born out of a need to solve an argument between two participants. It may not have solved the conflict, but one thing is for sure–the game was a hit, and paintball was born. 

Are you interested in paintball? But before you sign up, it’s important to learn about how to outfit yourself for the game. Check out this handy guide about paintball gear here. 

Clothing or Uniform?

While there is no required special clothing for paintball, you might want to consider wearing pants, a long-sleeved t-shirt, and good sturdy athletic shoes that you can run in. If you are playing on a team, they may request that you get a team t-shirt. Some are made in a lightweight jersey that is suitable for the game. 


The next critical item to consider for paintballing gear is padding. Depending on your threshold for pain, you might want to purchase a chest protector, knee pads, or elbow pads. These items could help make your paintball experience more comfortable. 


Another must-have for paintball equipment is a mask. A proper paintball mask will protect your eyes, ears, mouth, and face from harm. Find one that fits snuggly without pinching, but that will also stay on if you shake your head. 

Paintball Guns

Since the sport is so popular, there are many different kinds of paintball guns. But they can be broken down into three categories of pump guns, mechanical guns, and electronic guns. When choosing a gun, find one that is appropriate for your skill level and experience as well as the group that you play with. 

Cleaning Supplies

Don’t forget to bring something to clean your guns! Paint can clog your gun, so be sure to have a microfiber cloth that can be used with soap and water to clean it. Some people like to use a squeegee or a toothbrush to get it extra clean so that it functions optimally. 

Air Tank and Loader

You will also need an air tank for your gun, whether it is aluminum, carbon fiber, or otherwise. A loader is also important since it will help feed the paintballs into your gun. 

Paintball Gear Bag and Harness

There are a few extras that will help make your paintballing hobby more fun. Grab a paintball gear bag to stash all of your stuff in to keep it organized, and a harness to hold your paint. You can find these items and more at places like paintballdeals.com for online shopping. 

Ready To Play Paintball

Now that you’ve learned what paintball gear you need to play paintball, you can outfit yourself with confidence. It’s important to wear the right performance clothing along with a mask to protect yourself. Then you can add other items like padding, and your paintball gun, of course! 

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