A Guide to Suit Fabrics For Men

 A Guide to Suit Fabrics For Men

When it comes to choosing the style of a suit and its appearance, the suit fabrics are a very important thing to consider. There are equally other important things like the fitting. The overall look in the end, but the suit’s fabric defines the individual’s style. The fabric of the suit also depends on how it is to be used. It can either be for everyday use in the office or for special events like weddings.

With the vast types and quality of fabrics available, it is important to know the different types and how they can be used. Consult Bespoke Suits London if you need custom suits in London or if you need helpful tips on how to care for your suits.

Important things to note when choosing fabric for a suit

Before you choose the kind of fabric you would use for your suit, you should know that the fabric you will pick is a chance to showcase who you are. It is important to consider cost, but paying attention to what you are buying is equally important. Below are factors to consider when getting fabric for your suit.

Frequency of use

If you are going to be wearing the suit everyday, you should get a fabric that is stronger and more resistant to wear and tear. You should know that some materials are more resistant and stronger than others, and these are the fabrics you should consider if you want a suit fabric for everyday use. Also, you can get a wrinkle-resistant fabric, as it is equally ideal for everyday office wear.

Breath ability

The breathability of a fabric is equally important because nobody would like to feel hotter than they should, and neither will anyone like to feel cold even with a suit jacket on.  A breathable suit fabric will adapt to the weather by keeping you cool during hot days and warm during cold days.


There is a certain comfort that comes with a fabric that is of good quality and soft. It is always better to go with natural fabrics when choosing a suit fabric because they are soft and smoother, as compared to synthetic fabrics that are stronger and rough in texture. You would not want to get a suit fabric that would make you itchy when you wear it.

Types of suit fabrics

When choosing the right fabric for your suit, you have to know the different materials and know which one is best for each occasion. The popular types of suit fabrics include the following:


Wool comes from the fleece of sheep, and it is a natural material. It is one of the most popular choices for a suit because of its adaptability. One of its favourite features is that it is very soft and wrinkle-free, and this makes it a very good choice to be used for everyday suits. There are two types of wool, namely, woollen and worsted. The type of wool depends on the weight and size of the yarn, and how the fibre is spun.

A woollen fabric means that each fibre length is different and not combed before spinning, while worsted fibre overlap at the tip and are combed at the same length. Because of this, there is almost no room between the individual fibres. Finally, most wool suits are made from worsted wool.


Besides wool, this is the second most popular fabric used for men’s suits. Cotton refers to the fibres that surround the cotton plant, and it is used as a fabric to produce clothing. It is often used to make casual and formal suits because it is less expensive than wool and is considered o be of lesser quality.

Cotton suits are also very soft and breathable, however, they are not very durable as they tend to fold easily and can end up looking ill-fitted. Additionally, cotton suits are not a good choice for the winter season because they absorb water and do not insulate it. This makes it ideal for the spring and fall seasons.


This fabric is made from the hair of goats and is another good natural fabric for suits. It is a very luxurious fabric, and is equally lightweight and soft. The only reason why this fabric may not be ideal for everyday use is because it is quite expensive. Besides that, it is a very durable and sustainable material. However, it is versatile as it can be used for casual or formal events, and this makes it perfect for every occasion. Finally, this fabric gives a certain shine to a suit when it is used.


Lines is a fabric that is made from the fibres of a flax plant. Although it is a strong fabric, it is not as elastic as wool. This makes it easily susceptible to wrinkles and stains. Nonetheless, it is lightweight and resistant to high temperatures and the sun, making it perfect for summer periods.

Although linen may not be for every occasion or for everybody, they look really nice when used and can be used for casual or formal events.


Polyester is a fabric that is produced from synthetic materials. It is of lower quality and is cheaper than natural fabrics like wool or cotton. On its own, polyester is not a breathable fabric; however, it can be combined with other natural fibres like wool and linen to increase its quality. When this happens, the fabric is elevated to one that is suitable for everyday use.

Polyester fabric is resistant to wrinkles and is equally a good insulator. They also dry quickly and are strong and durable.


This is an expensive fabric and is equally one of the most luxurious ones. One of its finest qualities is that it is very comfortable and highly absorbent. Also, it is elastic and strong, as well as lightweight and easy to wear. Because of its smoothness, it does not easily attract dirt, and it is also moderately resistant to wrinkles.

Additionally, it is a natural regulator of temperature, meaning that it keeps you warm during the winter and keeps you cool during the summer. It is a perfect fit for most body types and is ideal for all seasons.


Velvet can either be made from natural fibre or synthetic ones. It is also another fabric that is both soft and luxurious. As a natural fabric, velvet is made from a combination of wool, mohair, cotton and silk. As a synthetic fabric, it is made from a combination of nylon, rayon, viscose and polyester.

Because of their luxurious nature, velvet suits are only good for formal events and should not be worn every day. This means that they are also not to be used for office suits.


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