A guide toward a career in data science and analytics

 A guide toward a career in data science and analytics

A data science career is profit-making and rewarding. An individual simply needs the right skills, certifications, and experience to be a data scientist rather than a specific bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree like other traditional jobs.

This data science career guide will help you understand the advantages and skills required to be a data analyst or a data scientist, and the best data science career choice as per your requirements.

What is data science?

Data science is about evaluating big data to bring out correlations with estimates of error and likelihood. It is a growing discipline that draws upon computer science, and statistical knowledge to develop impactful insights and predictions to a wide range of scholarly fields.

Top critical data science skills

Before jumping towards the data science career path it is better to understand the skills required by data scientists, engineers, or analysts. Each individual needs these skills to cultivate and obtain a foothold in this field.

Programming languages

All data science professionals must possess functional and practical programming abilities. This will help data scientists perfoms various programming functions with lesser bugs. Irrespectively, one should learn the potential of code writing as it helps to program more concise codes.  The demanded proficiency may vary depending on job roles and organizations. Also, shifting between two languages in a day is a very common skill required in data scientists.

Data visualization

Data visualization is a data science skill used at various stages by data analysts such as data modeling, data pre-processing, data processing, and presentation. Visualization techniques such as heatmaps, boxplots, scatter plots, and histograms are used to translate complex data into understandable information for non-technical users.

 Team skills and communication

Whether you are a senior-level professional or a beginner, it is always important to be a good collaborator and a communicator to have a prosperous career in data science. These are the most basic and critical skills required for data scientists to work effectively. Team-work, cross-functional team collaboration, and business communication skills are pertinent irrespective of the specialization you choose in data science.

Ways to develop these data science skills

The development of data science skills has no one-size-fits-all approach.  A beginner-level job seeker will be in a different position compared to a senior professional. Your personal and professional situations will be the basis for your career path in data science. Here are the ways for your data science career development and plot consideration.

Teach yourself through courses and online research

It is important to stay updated with the latest trends and news about data science as innovations in this field are often implemented. A few vital resources for individuals seeking a career in data science are:

Earn a professional data science certification

A third-party evaluation authority is important to validate your knowledge and certify your skills in data science. The demand for professionals in the data science industry is huge compared to its supply. Professionals with the right training, qualifications, and skills will land the desired job far more easily than others. Here are the top institutions that offer these certifications:


If these explained steps are followed, you will certainly end up being hired as a professional in data science with upgraded skills.


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