A handy guide to help you choose perfect Marquee & Gazebo sizes for any event!

 A handy guide to help you choose perfect Marquee & Gazebo sizes for any event!

As the Festive Season draws closer, high-end branded marquees are becoming increasingly popular. 

There is one over-riding reason behind this. 2021 has not been a very memorable year for most Australians, thanks to the prolonged stay-in orders and other restrictions. It was only in the second week of October that Sydney emerged from a strict pandemic-induced lockdown that lasted for a whopping 107 days!

The result?  Australians want to have a gala time as the year draws to a close. Given the slightly uncomfortable temperatures that prevail at this time of the year, it’s no wonder that the demand for printed gazebos has skyrocketed. 

The average Australian loves the outdoors; they enjoy hosting intimate dinners, business meetings, soirees and so on inside the cosy privacy of custom printed gazebos. Then there is the lure of Test Cricket!

Market analysts and trend-spotters have opined that there is a great chance of Australians going all-out to bask in the sun and enjoy the surf after the last few stifling months. They have predicted that sales of event gazebos will touch new records (and break them on occasion) this year. 

This write-up is intended for outdoor enthusiasts who may not know how to choose marquees and gazebos of the exact size their events require. 

If you own a business and would also like to use printed gazebos for promotional purposes, you might want to read on as well!

A brief recap of these multipurpose structures

Before we begin to analyse the various aspects based on which you can choose the perfect custom size gazebo, it is essential to note a few vital differences between these two terms.

Around the world, these terms and their meanings vary considerably; some clarity is in order.

In Australia & NZ, marquees refer exclusively to event tents. These are large, mainly commercial, structures that can be used throughout the year, are far more resistant to the elements, have open sides, can accommodate a lot more people and are generally not moved around a lot. Most high-quality event tents are heavy-duty.

Gazebos, on the other hand, are called folding marquees. These are smaller outdoor structures meant to supplement the larger event tents. They are usually placed in gardens and other easily accessible areas. 

If you run a restaurant, the central pavilion that might house a dance floor, a spread-out bar and room for buffet dining will be an event tent. To supplement this available space and enable more guests to soak in the environment, you can arrange for smaller gazebos. 

The sheer variety of pop up gazebo sizes available today is astounding, and this next section will help you sort out exactly the size your event requires.

When it comes to planning events, size matters!

This is where it gets really slippery.

Keep these crucial points in mind when you are purchasing either a branded marquee or a custom gazebo. 

  • Available space: How much space do you have at your disposal? How much of it is level ground? Is there any grassy knoll or a paved whisker of a road crisscrossing this area? 

These are some of the most basic questions that have to be dealt with. A 6×6 marquee is capable of comfortably seating 40 people or upwards of 50 standing. The bigger this event tent, the more area you have at your disposal. This leads directly to the next point on this checklist.

  • Number of guests expected: This is a really essential factor when you are planning to purchase a large event tent or even a custom printed gazebo. If it is a major business meeting you have in mind, a 3×6 marquee should probably be your go-to solution.

This is a universally accepted (and bestselling) model which can accommodate more than 40 people standing plus 26 to 30 people sitting down. As business meets go, this is a fairly decent size. Your guests have enough room to manoeuvre, can have their meals either sitting down or strolling around. 

Furthermore, such a marquee will also have separate areas which will act as washrooms, restrooms, private conference rooms. Bring your slide projectors and showcase the current state of your business to your partners and confidantes. 

Do note that the 3×6 model is best-suited for small to small-medium business meets. If you are planning on holding a much larger business summit, always go for the 6×6 marquee.

  • Specific event requirements: This might sound a bit odd, but it essentially means the various other types of events that require high-grade outdoor structures. Assume that you are planning to host a wedding, and not a business summit!

Voila! Everything changes in an instant. The number of guests goes up exponentially; this is, after all, the time to celebrate after those gruelling months of lockdowns. In such situations, you will require the help of not only the biggest and sturdiest event tents (some of which are mentioned above); you will also have to install a multitude of 6×6 gazebos.

That should take care of the increased number of guests. But what about music, dance floors, cloakrooms, the reception, karaoke sessions, dining and even flooring? 

All these extras precipitate a bit more expenditure and aiming for larger event tents. 

Since there are still Covid-related protocols and sanctions on crowds in place, let us assume a reasonable figure of a total of 120 guests at the wedding. To prevent overcrowding and to ensure everyone has a great time, purchasing a 60×40 tent would do the trick.

Did we mention that such a huge marquee also ensures that 30 people can easily be seated without any worry of stepping over one another’s toes? To spice things up- music, dance floors, DJs and dining, a number of 3×6 gazebos can be placed strategically around the primary structure, both inside and out.

  • Mind the furniture: No event, regardless of its nature or purpose or even attendance, is complete unless you factor in the element of extra space that chairs, tables, whiteboards and other items will take up. Even the nature of the furniture involved has to be carefully planned ahead. 

Are you bringing over a group of friends for a few cold beers, chargrilled steak or that staple- the Classic Aussie meat pie? As the day progresses, several more of your friends, neighbours and even colleagues might drop in. You need to keep several things at hand, and not just a few more six-packs.

Those are extra chairs, comfortable mattresses, tables, buffet and bar stands, roll-up blankets, and so on. To fit all these, besides ensuring that your guests are in excellent spirits, you should go for quality 6×6 gazebos

An event tent is not required under these circumstances.

To sum

Hopefully, we have been able to shine some light on what factors you should carry in mind whenever you are on the hunt for a gazebo (a folding marquee) or an event tent of a certain size suitable for differing occasions.

Before we go, always remember:

  • There are too many cheaply made printed gazebos masquerading as high-grade structures. 
  • When you are buying a large permanent structure, such as those seen in restaurants, always go for branded marquees.
  • It is best to contact professional retailers in case you have any lingering doubts. 

For our research, we got in touch some of Australia’s most prolific and popular retailers of custom-printed branded marquees and pop up gazebos, besides medical tents and several essential accessories. Their professional pointers were unbiased and gave us an unprecedented bird’s eye view of the rapidly evolving market of these outdoor provisions, where the demand graph is slowly ticking north.

As always, maintain all safety protocols and have proper evacuation plans, even if the guest list is truncated. The last thing you want at a hotly-anticipated event is a stampede if mishap strikes!

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