A house clean does 9 things every day

 A house clean does 9 things every day

Do you sometimes look around your house clean and think, what a mess! Where do I start now? For some people it comes naturally to others, having a clean home is a lot of work.

But almost everyone likes a house clean. It provides peace and tranquility. People with a clean home have developed habits that keep their house clean at all times. And pay close attention to the word ‘Habits’. So that means it keeps coming back, but the good news is that if you keep an eye on everything, it’s very little work.

Read and discover the 9 habits of clean people.

1 They Make Their Beds
Before you leave your house in the morning (or before you leave your bedroom), you make your bed. This simple task immediately creates a sense of overview in your bedroom.

2 Empty the dishwasher in the morning
Make sure you have emptied the dishwasher in the morning so that it is ready for today’s dishes. Doing this in the morning makes it a lot easier to prevent the dirty plates and cups from piling up in your sink.

3 Do some laundry every day
By doing the laundry regularly, you avoid getting a huge pile of dirty clothes that you really don’t want to do anymore. If you have a family it is smart to put the laundry in the washing machine every morning, if you live alone you can do this a few days a week.

4 Use baskets to keep things organized
When everything in the house has its place, it’s easy to keep order in your house clean. For example, you can use small baskets for keys and telephones and somewhat larger baskets to sort mail, for example.

5 Don’t delay anything
When a package is delivered, unpack it and throw it away immediately. If you drop or spill something, clean it up. Empty candy wrappers? Throw them in the trash right away. Take empty glasses directly to the kitchen and do not leave them all over the house. The longer you wait, the more difficult and more work it becomes.

6 Tidy up your clothes from that day As
tempting as it may be to drop the clothes you’ve worn that day on the floor, don’t do it. Tidy people take the time to put their clothes back in the closet when they are clean and in the laundry when they need to be washed. Your floor and clothes will look a lot better.

7 Tidy up in between
You can prevent so much clutter if you tidy up and clean immediately in between. So fill the dishwasher when the pasta is cooking, wipe the counter when the chicken is in the oven. This way most of the work is done by the time you sit down to eat.

8 Never go to sleep when the kitchen is not tidy
Try to resist going to bed when the kitchen is not tidy. Clean up everything in the kitchen that evening, put glasses in the dishwasher or wash them, wipe the countertops. This way you start in the morning with a fresh kitchen instead of a dirty mess from the day before.

9 Plan Ahead
Whether it’s your outfit for the next day, running out of cleaning supplies, a litter box that needs changing but no gravel in the house. Make sure you plan ahead to keep everything organized and clean!

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