A Simple Guide to Becoming More Tech Savvy

 A Simple Guide to Becoming More Tech Savvy

As time passes, technology becomes an increasingly important element in people’s lives and professions. That makes a degree of tech savvy an important personal and professional skill. With around 45 percent of Americans working remotely either part-time or full-time, the need becomes even greater.

Working remotely requires that you navigate everything from video conferencing software to messaging system, not to mention dealing with your Internet access technology at home. For those who lack good tech skills, though, the contemporary world can seem daunting.

“How,” you might ask, “can I become more tech savvy?” Keep reading for some tips on boosting your tech know-how.

Read About Tech

One of the simplest ways you can get good with computers or good with electronics is by way of reading about tech. Look for the best tech blogs you can find.

Yes, you’ll see a lot of jargon in them, but that’s a good way to find out what you don’t know. Tech blogs often cover specific areas, like consumer technology or business technology. They’ll also keep you up to speed on new trends in tech, which can help prepare you for new things.

They’ll also routinely provide tech tips and tricks you can employ to make your tech life easier.

You can also read technology reviews. These can help you understand what people mean when they talk about tech specs and why those matter.

Leverage Instructional Videos

There is a vast wealth of instructional videos related to tech that you can find online. Just as importantly, you can find videos geared for almost any level audience. When you run across a tech problem, search online for a video about solving that problem.

Odds are good that you’ll find one that addresses the problem on your level. The more often you do that, the more intuitive technology becomes in time.

Ask Someone Who Knows

Asking someone for help feels uncomfortable for most people, yet it’s often the most direct path to building up your tech savvy. When you run across a tech problem, ask for help. Just don’t check out mentally when the person provides it.

Ask them questions about what they’re doing. Even better, if there’s time, ask them to walk you through it. Most people remember things better when they perform the activity, rather than just watching it.

Don’t let the occasional eye-roll from someone who takes technology for granted put you off. Getting the information you want trumps getting a look every single time.

Building Your Tech Savvy

The process of building your tech savvy isn’t straightforward. There is no objective best place for you to start. Look at the places in your own life where tech leaves you baffled and start there.

Once you get comfortable with that piece of hardware or software, look for something else that makes you scratch your head. As you accumulate knowledge, you’ll become ever more adept at using and understanding the tech around you.

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