A smartphone that has changed the photography scene across the world– the Apple iPhone 11 Pro

 A smartphone that has changed the photography scene across the world– the Apple iPhone 11 Pro

One of Apple mobiles’ most popular smartphones is the iPhone 11 Pro. It is a fantastic device with the latest advancements. It truly packs a punch. It is one of the most impressive phones that was released in the fall of 2019, alongside the basic iPhone 11, and the even more advanced iPhone 11 Pro Max. The Apple iPhone 11 Pro is the thirteenth generation of iPhones. And it should definitely be on everyone’s radar whilst considering switching to a new Apple smartphone.

Designed with a triple camera, gorgeous OLED display as well as a capable A13 Bionic -processor, the Apple iPhone 11 Pro is an obvious no-brainer for people that are looking to upgrade their iPhone from an older model or are investing in their very first Apple mobiles. Let us take a deeper look at the Apple iPhone 11 Pro and understand why you should choose this variant.


The materials used to manufacture the Apple iPhone 11 Pro are enough to give the first impressions of being a high quality smartphone that’s made with a glass front and back. It is finished with a surgical-grade stainless steel. These Apple mobiles were released in four impeccable colour options: gold, silver, space gray and a stunning midnight green. The midnight green was something so different from what Apple mobiles usually do each year, and it is the only product from the tech giant in that color scheme.

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro is the smallest variant out of the three 13th generation smartphones from Apple. That being said, the display size of the 11 Pro is still 5.8-inches wide which makes the smartphone to be the perfect size for a wide range of uses. We believe that due to its size, the Apple iPhone 11 Pro is the easiest phone to use and carry around too. It is probably the smartest choice to choose whilst considering other options from Apple, or other companies too.


The display is 5.8-inches, but what about the specifics of the device? You are sure to be impressed by this phone as the Apple iPhone 11 Pro comes with a majestic Super Retina XDR display that would make even the pickiest tech geek excited. The OLED display of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro is par excellence and it has provided super sharp visuals with mind-blowing resolution. The OLED displays are now capable of producing a rich spectrum of colours and are widely reputed for their brightest shades of white, and deepest blacks.

The phone has a True Tone feature which makes the screen that much more satisfying to see and use. By using Apple’s True Tone to its fullest, the Apple iPhone 11 Pro is able to adapt to ambient lighting and adjust the screen’s brightness. Overall, these Apple mobiles have display settings that are massively improved from its predecessors’ LCD displays. In addition to this, it also fares well in comparison with newer devices such as the iPhone 12.


One of Apple mobiles selling points has always been its cameras. The photography setup of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro is undoubtedly impressive. It houses a 12 MP triple camera. Yes, not one or two, but three rear cameras that changed the game for Apple. These rear cameras include wide, ultra-wide and telephoto lenses that make it ridiculously easy to capture high-quality photos with the Apple iPhone 11 Pro.

But wait, that’s not all. The camera setup also comes with Apple’s revolutionary Night Mode, which has made it easy to take brilliant photos even in the dark, or in low light settings. It also has the Portrait Mode and dedicated portrait lighting effects for taking magnificent portraits and pictures of expansive landscapes. With the freshest, next-generation Smart HDR, the phone’s camera is now able to click multiple photos of varying exposures and composites them into a single photo that is exemplary.

Packed with these features and so much more, the Apple iPhone 11 Pro’s cameras will surely not disappoint you. If you want to make the most out of your smartphone’s camera, then your smartphone, then the 11 Pro is the best possible option.

Processor and battery:

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro is powered by Apple’s A13 Bionic-chip. A phone equipped with a powerful processor like this offers processing power that rivals devices like computers. Because of the A13 Bionic-chip, you would now be able to enjoy a lag-free experience that is smooth to perform any task on your phone be it browsing the net, playing an intensive mobile game, or just scrolling through social media or even using augmented reality applications.

Owing to the phone’s superb processor, the Apple mobiles price in India is also an energy efficient device. It offers a long lasting charge after a full recharge. Apple mobiles claim that a single charge should give you 18 hours of video playback or about 65 hours of listening to music. The phone has a fast charging option, and wireless charging. With fast charging, the phone can be charged to 50% in just half an hour.

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