Parental Guide to a Successful Academic Year With Virtual Learning for IGCSE school in KL

 Parental Guide to a Successful Academic Year With Virtual Learning for IGCSE school in KL

Even though the scare of the COVID-19 pandemic has declined significantly, it hasn’t been eliminated. That means your kid may still have to rely on virtual classes to gain academic knowledge. But, we know that online courses have started taking a toll on everyone, including the parents too. 

However, it is wise to note that parents often play a key role during online learning. Parents can make a relaxed setting of the home into a structured setting so that the children don’t feel like they are on a vacation. 

With proper parental participation, academic achievements can be met for a private school in Kuala Lumpur, even with the virtual learning process. All you need to do is follow these tried and tested tips to help your child adapt to virtual learning from home. 

6 Tips that will help your child to adapt to virtual learning from home.

1- Reduce distractions

Children tend to be more curious about things than adults. For them, almost each and everything is a distraction. However, in today’s era, electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, etc, have become the biggest distractions. 

Many children tend to use devices while they are doing their schoolwork or are attending virtual classes. As a parent, you can keep a check on your child and limit the use of electronic devices until the school work is done. 

Also, if possible, keep their workstation as clutter-free as possible. Having his favorite things around can make it harder for the kid to focus. 

2- Brain breaks for online learning 

Even though virtual learning has become a new normal for every student of IGCSE School in KL, you must know that higher levels of screen time can result in a variety of health concerns like depression, obesity and vision problems. 

Similarly, not every child would want to sit through an entire class in one go. Some children may require more breaks than others. Instead of letting the child bunk his/her entire online classes, opt for “brain breaks” in between. You can also make your kid ready and help him/her focus on learning by allowing some time for exercise. Exercise will not only reduce stress but prevent anxiety, too. 

3- Focus on time management 

As a parent, you will require creating a consistent schedule for schoolwork so that the entire day can be planned. Such a process makes it easy for the child to easily transition in and out of school time. 

If possible, try building as much structure and consistency as you can by setting time for meals, school work, sleep and other activities. You can try getting your child on the same schedule he/she was on while regularly going to the private school in Kuala Lumpur. 

Observe your child and understand what works best for him/her. 

4- Offer positive feedback to the kids

One thing that almost every school student of IGCSE School in KL misses is receiving reinforcement and reassurance from teachers and counselors. By building a reward system, you can maintain a level of motivation in your kid. 

Whenever your kid accomplishes a certain task – easy or hard – try praising him/her. You can even put checkmarks, stars or stickers on the work assignment completed by your kid to encourage him/her. 

With high schoolers, you can use other rewarding techniques that offer an extra 15 minutes of playtime, video games before bedtime, etc. 

5- Be flexible

Not every task submitted to your child by the teachers may be straightforward. Some may require extra attention. It is best to work with your child on such challenging tasks. And don’t shy away from altering the previously created schedule. There is nothing wrong with shifting other tasks to focus on those that are difficult to understand for your kid. 

If you aren’t available, encourage your kid to work on things that can be easily done. Also, don’t forget to share such instances with the teacher so you can plan schedules that work best for your kid. Teachers at IGCSE school in Kuala Lumpur are very flexible and open to suggestions. 

6- Help kids stay in touch with friends

A private school in Kuala Lumpur offers a setting that helps children to socialize and even hone their networking skills. But with online learning, children are missing out on social interactions immensely.

It is best to encourage your child to stay connected with friends. For instance, if your child is finding it hard to understand something, encourage him/her to communicate with someone from their class – a friend – through video chats, calls, emails, text messages, etc.


These are seven tried and tested tips to help your kid adapt to virtual learning. But, keep in mind that every child has unique needs. So it is important to find out what works best for him/her when they attend virtual classes for a private school in Kuala Lumpur.

If these don’t work well with your child try something else. Be creative and help your child learn as much through virtual learning as he would in a real class.

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