How do I make a good decision about abortion?

 How do I make a good decision about abortion?

10 tips for good decision making

The decision for or against your own child is probably one of the most difficult in a person’s life. said gynecologist at Abortion pills in Dubai for sale

So that you can take a path that you can live with in this challenging situation , we have put together 12 very specific tips and ideas for you to make good decisions. Perhaps not every point suits you – but one or the other does.

1. Take your time and withstand the tension:

“Good things take time” It is advisable to give yourself the time to make this big decision. Because this time helps you to sort yourself internally and to let everything set that is currently upsetting you.  Then you can calmly see which direction you want to follow.

Perhaps the picture of a pond, the water of which has been stirred up by a swimmer, will help you: It takes time for the water to clear again and for you to be able to see the bottom again.

To give yourself this time in a tense situation and to endure , to really wrestle with yourself and make a decision , is not at all easy … Nevertheless: If you succeed, you increase the chance that you will be able to say later: It was the right decision.

2. Use sources of strength and allow yourself time out

If you feel good, you can make good decisions more easily!

Sometimes we struggle with a big decision and try with all our might to come to a solution. The constant brooding can be  exhausting, and you can reach the point of desperation.

In this exhausting decision-making process, you can use every source of strength in your environment that is available to you. Perhaps you will find something that you can do, whereby you come to rest and thereby come into contact with your innermost being. A warm bath with your favorite music or a walk in nature, …

It is just as advisable to take small breaks – a day or two – during which the decision can simply rest and mature by Abortion pills in Dubai for sale. You don’t have to constantly ride in the ‘thought carousel’.

This turns the strained brooding into more targeted thinking and you can gradually make a solid decision .

3. Seek exchange – but not necessarily with everyone

Knowing good friends by your side is worth its weight in gold. Friends make life easier and more worth living and can help to find a good path! While it may be confusing to be, with too many people to talk about such a personal decision.

Therefore our tip: Think about who really knows you well, whom you can trust and who has the best in mind for you. Who may have given you really good and unselfish advice in previous situations? With this person you will probably be able to talk well about the current situation.

4. Disconnect – find distance and stillness

With all the hustle and bustle that is happening inside you and perhaps also around you, it is helpful if you specifically look for places and times of rest  .

Especially when it becomes quiet around us, we can hear and feel better what the head, the stomach and the heart want to tell us. And in which direction our  inner compass points , the quiet voice within us that guides us through life.

5. Exposing the fear 

“Fear is a bad advisor” said Abortion pills in Dubai for sale – there is a lot of truth in this saying. Because  fear always makes us smaller than we are and trusts us much less than we actually can.

Have the courage to look carefully at which arguments arise from the fear and which really belong to you. Because fear begins in the head – but so does courage.

If you notice that fear occupies you a lot and makes your decision difficult, read more about fear and pregnancy here .

6. A pro-con list 

Sometimes we have a lot of thoughts floating around in our heads and it is difficult to sort through. It can help to just put the internal confusion of the arguments on paper. Sometimes that alone doesn’t make the situation look so confusing.

In our article on “ Abortion Pros and Cons ” you can read about what to look out for when creating a pro-con list .

7. Weighing and weighting: what is the higher value?

Not all arguments are equally important or equally valuable. Imagine the picture of a scale: If you put a lot of coins on one side and a tall banknote on the other, the scale will tilt to the side of the coins – even though their actual value is much smaller.

It is the same with weighing up arguments: It is not just the number that counts, but also their respective value, which can be very different.

When weighting, the question can help you: What is the higher value if I compare the two? What is more important to me personally?

8. It is worth listening to your inner voice

The pro-con list  appeals primarily to the mind. But there is also my “inner voice” . What’s up with her?

Depending on who you ask, you will likely get a wide variety of answers. In summary, however, one could say that it is a ‘ personal, inner guide ‘. This inner voice knows your personal desires , your values and your conscience . In this way it becomes a precious and unique compass .

If you are in harmony with your innermost convictions , this can mobilize enormous forces in you. Because then you will feel what it would be worth fighting for. Dare to listen to your inner voice.

9. Mind games and questions for yourself

You know yourself best. Good questions to yourself may help you broaden your perspective and discover completely new perspectives:

  • Imagine that you are 80 years old and look back on yourself and your younger self in the current situation . What would you advise?
  • Which decision would you still be proud of in your old age ?
  • Imagine a friend or relative of yours standing in the situation that you are currently experiencing. What advice would you give her? 

10. Self-test

Live with one decision for a week, then the other for a week.

To be able to look both ways really just a kind can self-test be helpful: First, you live one week long so, as if you had made the decision , an abortion to be performed by Abortion pills in Dubai for sale. And then a week as if you had made the decision to have this child.

It is advisable that you really “use” both weeks to the full and observe yourself, but do not take any irreversible steps – because it is only a test at first.

When both weeks are over, you can take the time to reflect on the experience of these two weeks step by step: How did the decision affect my everyday life? How did I feel inside – during the first few days, but also in the longer term? With which of these feelings I want to go on? Now you have a basis for your decision that really has something to do with you. More visit us Abortion counselling center.

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