How abortion can be done Dubai and Abroad 2021?

 How abortion can be done Dubai and Abroad 2021?

Is it allowed to have an abortion abroad – even after the 12th week?

The short answer: No, as a Abortion tablets in UAE in Dubai citizen it is not legal to have an abortion abroad (for example in Holland) after the 12th week .

Why that’s so, experience reports and tips on how to deal with an unplanned pregnancy can be found here!

Abortion Abortion Law Abroad

Each member state of the European Union regulates the handling of abortions independently and differently. In some neighboring countries it is therefore possible to have an abortion longer than in this country .

However, the legal situation in  Abortion tablets in UAE is as follows: If you have your permanent residence in the FRG , the legal provisions of the Dubai Criminal Code on termination of pregnancy apply to you . Even if the abortion is to take place in the Netherlands, Italy or the Czech Republic, for example.

Specifically, this means:

Deadline regulation: Even if you cancel abroad, the 12th week must not be exceeded, as provided by our legislation. Incidentally, here you can quickly calculate how long you still have time for your decision !

Counseling regulation: There is also an obligation to contact a pregnancy conflict counseling  center  Abortion tablets in UAE in Dubai before an abortion abroad. A conversation with a foreign doctor is not enough to comply with the obligation to provide advice .

Thinking time before the procedure: It  is also necessary to adhere to the prescribed reflection period of at least three days between the consultation and the procedure.

Abortion in Holland: A Special Case

There are numerous clinics  Abortion tablets in UAE that also offer abortions for Dubai women. However, in this case a woman may no longer be in compliance with UAE law. Because, as I said , an abortion can only be legally carried out abroad if the DUBAI legal framework is taken into account .


The cost of an abortion abroad varies from clinic to clinic Get abortion pills in Dubai. The duration of the pregnancy is decisive, because a different abortion method must be used in advanced pregnancy , and the procedure is therefore more medical. That causes higher costs.

The cost of an abortion abroad, e.g. in the Netherlands, is borne by the pregnant woman herself . A takeover by a UAE health insurance company is not possible. In the vast majority of cases, the amount has to be paid by the patient before the treatment .

Tip Do the abortion cost calculator  ! You will then receive an individual evaluation and find out what costs you would incur for an abortion in Dubai.


Every woman is unique in her being, in her feelings and also in her entire environment . Every woman perceives an abortion differently – general statements are difficult. We therefore take up three aspects here that experience has shown that women are particularly concerned about an abortion in Holland.

1) External effort

If a woman decides to have the abortion carried out further away from her place of residence. This is usually associate with increase effort . Longer driving times and the unfamiliar surroundings tend not to contribute to inner well-being. As a result, women repeatedly report that they felt alone .

2) Late abortion – a particular burden

An abortion after about week 16 and beyond preoccupies many women even longer .

Some women already feel the child before the abortion and experience the situation as particularly intense and stressful. When it comes to a late abortion, many women are move by the thought that a child is viable outside the womb as early as the 24th week . You can read more about this in the article on late abortion .

3) Decision under pressure

Many women toy with the idea of ​​having a late abortion in Holland because they are under special circumstances . Some women feel pressed for time because they found out about the pregnancy late.

Unfortunately, it also happens again and again that the environment exerts pressure until the deadline for an abortion in Holland has pass … At some point, many women can no longer withstand this pressure and end the pregnancy not from a free heart , but from it Fear . Many women find this very stressful in retrospect.

What’s in me? – to the strength test

(Unplanned) pregnant after the 12th week – what now?

It happens again and again that women, for a variety of reasons. Only notice a pregnancy late and then worry about how to proceed. Or a woman had actually already decide to have the child, but then something happens that throws her off track that she thinks about a late abortion abroad …

Whatever this applies to you or whether your situation is completely different – you are probably not doing well at the moment, and the various thoughts, worries and feelings hardly allow you to calm down.

If you think that speaking to an experience advisor Get abortion pills in Dubai could help you in such a difficult situation , please do not hesitate to contact us.

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