About The Impact Of Insects On Plants And The Need For Insecticides

–°aterpillar on leaf

Types Of Damages Done By Insects 

Not all insects are harmful to plants. For example, green lacewings can contribute to a healthy and thriving garden. As generalist predators, they feed insects, flies and bugs potentially harmful to agriculture. Besides green lacewings, beneficial insects could include ladybugs, ground beetles, and minute pirate bugs to name a few. In this article, we will talk about various aspects of insects and insecticides. Read on if you are looking for shoot borer insecticide, crop pesticides, etc. 

However, the population and extent of harmful insect damage are considerable. These pesky tiny insects weaken plants, threaten their existence and negatively affect the overall yields. When talking about these insects can be classified into two types. One that causes direct injury to plants, such as by tunnelling into plant tissues, destroying leaves, and the other that transmits the bacterial, fungal or viral infection instead of leaving any direct impact. Each type of insect is equally harmful and can cause huge damage if left unchecked. 

The practical way to stop occurrences of harmful insects and pests and prevent plant damages and losing yield is to inspect plants regularly to spot and locate any pests and insects harmful to the plant and remove them using adequate measures such as by using proper insecticides and pesticides. If not controlled, various types of insects could cause significant damage to plants. Some of these include aphids, cabbage maggots, whiteflies, mites, cutworms, grasshoppers and locusts, thrips, Japanese beetles, etc. 

Ways To Check Insects 

There are various methods to keep a garden free of these damaging entities. First of all, as we mentioned above, it is essential to regularly inspect plants for the existence of harmful insects and remove them. It is important to understand that one should follow healthy and effective practices to increase yields and check pests. Follow a proper pruning schedule, remove weeds and unwanted leaves, plant new crops at specific times and plant various plants. Water regularly and follow the proper spacing. 

Removing harmful insects is beneficial in several ways. If not controlled, they can adapt to changing weather conditions, destroy agriculture, and even inflict bites and stings on humans and animals and could spread diseases. 

Insecticides And Their Benefits 

A type of agrochemical product, insecticides are used to kill, and destroy insects. They can help prevent pests and insects from causing damage to plants. However, it is essential to understand that insecticides should always be used appropriately. Always read the label and follow all instructions. Use protective equipment while using insecticides


Insecticides are beneficial in various ways. But it is essential to understand that one should apply the right insecticides on time. For any confusion or if you want better clarity about how and which type of insecticides to use for certain insects, always seek expert advice. Meanwhile, if you are searching for the best agrochemical companies in India for effective insecticides, including shoot borer insecticides and more products such as crop pesticides, please feel free to visit this website now! 

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