Basic Measures to Ramp Up Your Access Control System

 Basic Measures to Ramp Up Your Access Control System

It’s difficult to deny that security issues are on the rise. While many people now think of security in the virtual sense, physical threats are still very much in play. In fact, nearly 90 percent of businesses are dealing with increased physical security problems. Those threats could lead to data breaches, property theft, vandalism, and many other hazards. Because of all that, a growing number of businesses are placing increased emphasis on their access control measures.

Keeping Security Risks at Bay

Battling security threats means different things to different companies. At the same time, there are several effective security measures available for today’s businesses. Each one offers its own set of benefits. Additionally, each access control system plays a key role in keeping security problems at bay and helping companies to protect their employees, products, sensitive information, and other assets.

Security Personnel

At the most basic level, an effective access control system could include human security personnel. These may be guards stationed at various access points around a property. Those guards may ask to see people’s identification before allowing them to proceed through a business’s gates. Inside the building, security personnel could serve as supplemental measures to prevent employees or unauthorized visitors from entering certain areas of a facility. These personnel can also keep records of everyone who comes and goes from the facility or specific areas within.

Systems

Sign-in systems are also helpful means of combating security threats. These systems require everyone who enters and exits a facility to sign in and out. As alluded to previously, your security personnel may be in charge of these systems. On the other hand, employees and visitors may handle their own sign-ins. These systems can consist of physical log books or computer-based measures.

Systems like these can also be as simple or intricate as you like. They can even include key cards that only unlock doors of certain areas of your business when authorized personnel scan them. Fingerprint and retinal scanners are also available. They’re among the more effective solutions for companies that need the highest levels of security. Keep in mind, though, there’s always a chance someone could slip through the cracks or forget to sign in or out.

Camera Surveillance

Camera surveillance systems are effective as well. Whereas humans often miss things, few events escape the watchful lenses of cameras. Owners can have cameras mounted in various areas inside a business and areas around the facility. They’ll keep track of everyone who enters and exits the business as well as everything that happens on a property. From there, owners have a constant record to refer to if problems arise.

Safeguarding Your Business Against Security Threats

These are some of the most basic security measures and access control systems. Far more advanced solutions are also at your disposal. Consider past security problems and which portions of your business require the most security to help determine which ones would best meet your needs. From human security guards to technologically advanced entry systems, you’re sure to find solutions that will safeguard your assets against ever-growing security threats.

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